Nagaland Assembly's 15minutes of shame

Kelhou E Chielie: I just logged in a while back and I came across a post in NOTD that this morning NLA session lasted for just about 15 minutes! That's right, 15 MINUTES!

I am truly pained and angered by what our elected representatives are doing and see the way they're treating us. What kind of legislative session anywhere in the world lasts that short!  

There are so so many problems that they could have discussed about and yet they went to I don't know maybe have a cup of tea/coffee and went back home or just to create some nuisance traffic jam in Kohima town!  

The speeches that they have in places all over Nagaland are about  some b***s**t development and so, but the only development I See is the 7,8 figure sums bank accounts that grows each year mostly during budget session!  

I maybe here to say all these just as a nobody (yet) but as a concerned citizen, I really am sick and tired of the way our beautiful state is run! I know that all the members in this group here are all well educated NAGAS and so I tell you this...when are we going to wake up! When are we going to let this stop! When are we going to say that enough is enough. Are you not sick and tired of this!?    

If this is the PRESENT scenario of our society, just imagine how worse the FUTURE could get!?  

Nokchem Phom: An assembly began today and the session proceeded only for 15minutes and then adjourned for a day. When there are many issues to discuss and address, our legislators seem not interested in debate. It's time for the present youth and upcoming leaders to learn from such action, when our state, our society and everything is in chaos, the elected representatives paying less attention to deal with the issue is just another way of ignorance. What shall we expect in 15minutes? Governor address might take 05-10minutes and then the remaining 5minutes for discussion? Ufffff.... our legislators are trying to introduce some new system of Assembly naki? If the assembly will really last for such limited minutes then there is no need making an arrangement even in traffic which in fact is causing lot of inconvenience to the public. They should learn that the assembly is a time to discuss, debate every small affairs of state. Though not new, after adjourning session in a hurry burry our CM seemed to rush to Dimapur but unfortunate for him that he had to be stuck in traffic jam due to landslide.  

Eying Humtsoe: Is the NLA trying to make a record of some sort!? How are Bills approved and related policies churned out without debate and discussion even within the party members? If they're intellectually so lethargic in the third year, I presume they'll be dead by the end of their term. Please acknowledge your incompetencies to occupy the legislative chairs and make way for leaders who have passion, credential and compatibility.  

Imsen Jamir: Come on PEOPLE let us demand our rights near the doors of all the members of the NLA and ask them whether to be a member of NLA is a responsibility or opportunity. If answered wrongly -REVOLUTION. Let us learn from history. Revolution always wins. Their assets will be for the people assets. No more Gandhian or Martin Luther Jr theories in Nagaland.  

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