NAGALAND ELECTION 2023: Preparations in various levels

Women polling personnel practically learning EVM VVPAT at Peren on February 2. (DIPR Photo)

Women polling personnel practically learning EVM VVPAT at Peren on February 2. (DIPR Photo)

Dimapur, February 2 (MExN): In connection with the forthcoming State Legislative Assembly Election 2023 scheduled on February 27, Election Expenditure Observers have been holding meeting with the polling personnel and also trainings have been held for the polling officers. 

Expenditure Observers meeting
Election Expenditure Observer assigned for 44 Phomching A/C, 45 Tehok A/C, and 46 Mon Town conducted a meeting with the respective ROs/AROs/AEOs accounting team, flying squad team, static surveillance team and video surveillance team of 44 Phomching A/C, 45 Tehok A/C, and 46 Mon Town A/C on February 1 at DC’s conference hall Mon.

A DIPR report stated that the Expenditure Observer briefed their duty and interaction with various team members of EEM. He advised all the team members to work in close coordination and carry out their assigned tasks with responsibility.

Meluri: EO Rajesh Raina IRS conducted a meeting with various team officers of 20th A/C at ADC Office Meluri on February 1. He briefed in detail all the team officers in charge to perform their roles and duties assigned to them. 

The meeting was attended by officers in charge of Flying Squads, SST, VVT, VST, AEO, accounting, team, and sector magistrate along with ADC Meluri& RO Albert Ezung, and ARO.

Kiphire: Expenditure Observer BK Vishnu Priya IRS attended a meeting with all the Asst Observer Team and Accounting Team on 1st February 2023 at Kiphire. The programme was chaired by DC Kiphire Wati Aier.

The EO Vishnu has said that to have a smooth and peaceful election, one should follow the rules. “Heads of the team should coordinate with the assistants; ensure that they are at their job,” the EO said. She also lauded Administration Kiphire for the comprehensive teams formed for the upcoming election. A short interaction followed after her speech.

Various team members under Asst Observer and Accounting team attended the meeting.

Wokha: Expenditure Observer for 37th Tiyi A/C and 38th A/C Wokha, Varish Shukla, IRAS held a meeting with the election personnel appointed for election monitoring cell, viz. assistant expenditure observer, video surveillance team, video viewing team, accounting and flying squad team at DC’s conference hall, Wokha on February 2.

DC and DEO Wokha, Ajit Kumar Ranjan, IAS said the district has already set up and appointed election personnel in various capacities as a part of the election expenditure monitoring cell and has also provided training programme for smooth conduct of the electioneering process.

The DC also said that the district will conduct backlog training programme for those who had missed the first phase of training.

Expenditure Observer, Varish Shukla, IRAS while interacting with the monitoring cell personnel, urged them to be vigilant in every aspect and should know roles and responsibilities in their duties. He also opined to have more training for smooth conduct of the election.

Training on expenditure was also held at Bhandari by the Election Observer for 39 A/C Sanis and 40 A/C Bhandari headed by Dharmveer Tandi, Indian Railways Accounting Service (IRAS).

Bhandari: Expenditure Observer for 39 Sanis A/C and 40 Bhandari A/C, Dharmveer Tandi, Indian Railways Accounting Services (IRAS) convened a meeting cum training session with the Expenditure monitoring team of the two Assembly constituencies at the 7th NAP Camp, Bhandari on February 2.

Assistant expenditure observer, video surveillance and video viewing teams, static surveillance, and flying squad teams, and the expenditure accounts teams attended the training.

Longleng: Aditya Kamlakar Somkumar, Expenditure Observer for 49 A/C Tamlu and 50 A/C Longleng under Longleng district held coordination meeting with all the teams/cells constituted under the Election Expenditure Monitoring (EEM), on February 1 at DPDB hall, Longleng.

Aditya highlighted the roles and responsibilities of each teams /cells constituted under EED, while urging the video surveillance team to maintain proper recordings of the election speeches to check violation of Model Code of Conduct. He asserted that all papers works are extremely important and urged the team to maintain proper records, and report in time as instructed by the Commission. Aditya exhorted to go through the instructions and guidelines of the ECI and discharge their assigned responsibility with utmost sincerity with strict adherence to the instructions of the ECI for success of the election. 

DC & DEO Longleng Dharam while stressing on the duties appealed to the EEM team to extend cooperation and coordinate each other among the teams to ascertain no lapse in their duties. He informed that every report is equally important and urged the teams to give daily reporting of their performance.

The SP Longleng also spoke and briefed on the specific roles of frying square and static surveillance teams, and procedures on checking female by women personnel only. She also briefed on various Sections of Acts and Representatives of election law.

The team leaders alone with members of FST, SST, VVT, VST, MCMC, social media team and DLMT attained the meeting and interacted with the EO. 

Drivers, cleaners of vehicles requisitioned informed 
In the interest of public service, all the drivers/cleaners of those vehicles requisitioned have been informed that a facilitation center is being set up in the office of the undersigned for the purpose of casting of votes through postal ballet.

In this regard, all the drivers and cleaners at requisitioned vehicles, who are desirous of casting their votes by means of postal ballot are directed to collect FORM-12 from the office of the Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer, Chümoukedima during the working hours between February 6 to 8 and submit the filled form latest by February 9.

A photocopy of the requisition slip and photo copy of PIC documents should be submitted for the issue of Form-12 and acceptance of the same, stated a DIPR report. 

Kohima Medical Board 
DC & DEO Kohima, Shanavas C IAS has informed all Officials/Staff who have been appointed as Polling Personnel/Grade IV staff and have applied for exemption on the medical ground to appear in person before the Medical Board duly constituted at the Naga Hospital Authority Kohima on February 4 (Saturday) at 9:00 am. Shanavas also informed that no other report will be accepted other than the Medical Board recommendation.

Trainings for polling personnel 
The second-day training of the first round for the presiding officers and 1st polling officers on demonstration of EVM - VVPAT & sealing and group-wise hands-on EVM & VVPAT training were given on February 2 at Peren. 

The Master Trainers Igong N Ipuing, CH Andrew Kangba, Machihei Zeliang, Zekope Thele, Kengimpeuding Hegui, Heiramchube Liegise, Lemtsaliba Zeliang, and Hulin imparted knowledge about the account of vote recording. Sealing of EVM, VVPAT Sealing of election papers, etc. The master trainers also reached out to the duties and responsibilities of polling personnel and also instructed them on their responsibilities of the mock poll and how to start the poll and the secrecy of voting in their respective polling stations.

Tuensang: The District Administration and Election department began its first phase of election training on February 2 at GHSS Auditorium, Tuensang. The orientation for the polling officials was chaired by ADC Tuensang Thungchanbemo. 

Speaking on the orientation programme, Nokchasashi, DC & DEO Tuensang asked for full cooperation from the polling officials since it's a team under the Election Commission of India, and each and every individual's contribution will be equally important.

He also highlighted that there would be three rounds of training and requested all to be very attentive and should be solely responsible for assigned duties and also asked the officials to abstain from requesting the exemption from the duties. He also highlighted the submission of the ballot papers on time. 

Polling officials are also probable of deputing to Shamator and Noklak districts in shortage of polling officials and also asked the officials to be prepared if deputed.