Nagaland Elections: In the fray with a purpose

Congress candidate for 11-Northern Angami-II Seyievilie Sachü.

Congress candidate for 11-Northern Angami-II Seyievilie Sachü.

Seyievilie Sachü takes on Nagaland CM

Morung Express News
Kohima | February 20

Contesting against the incumbent Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio, a political giant in his constituency, is sure to raise some eyebrows and invite speculations and bewilderment as well.

Seyievilie Sachü from the INC from Rüsoma village and Neiphiu Rio of the NDPP from Tuophema village of 11-Northern Angami-II will have a straight fight in the ensuing general election 2023.

While some consider his decision as ‘foolhardy’, some have lauded his ‘bravery and confidence’ challenging an already established politician whom many consider as undefeatable as of now. However, it is a democracy where anyone has the right to elect and be elected as well.

In a one on one conversation with The Morung Express, Sachü commented “I would neither consider myself foolhardy nor brave” adding that he is in the fray for a purpose – “to stand and fight for the rights of the neglected grassroot citizens of the constituency.”

When asked what is it that instilled the confidence in him to contest, he simply said it was the “silent” cry and desire of the people for want of “equality and justice” and a “change of leadership.”

“Many people were speculating that my candidature was just for stunt and for selfish gains, and even predicting that I would eventually withdraw. However, I have been resolute with my decision to stand till the last,” said Sachü.

When enquired, Sachü said “Yes, I was asked not to contest and to even withdraw my candidature by my family, clan and from many quarters,” further adding that he has gone against their wishes but for a purpose.

Sachü, who comes from a humble home, said he had to sacrifice his studies after he passed class-VIII for his other siblings. After he failed to make it to the army recruitment, he engaged himself in the private sector.

“It was never my dream or thought to be contesting in an election,” he maintained, however adding that he couldn’t ignore the plight and problems of the people, especially the farmers, elderly people, educated unemployed youth etc.

“Rio is a good leader not only for our people but for the Nagas as well and I respect him,” said Sachü of his opponent. Nonetheless, he maintained that the disparity in the standard of living and developments cannot be disregarded.

On being asked if he has the confidence of winning, he admitted “I may not, yet it can happen, only through God’s intervention and the good sense of the people.’

Making a sincere appeal, Sachü said “pray and vote. Don’t expect any money either from us. Don’t misuse your vote but cast your one vote in a free and fair manner to elect your leader.”