Nagaland: ‘In unity, there is always a breakthrough’

Congregation attending the city-wide prayer gathering held in The Lighthouse Church, Dimapur. (Photo Courtesy: Atsung Ajem)

Congregation attending the city-wide prayer gathering held in The Lighthouse Church, Dimapur. (Photo Courtesy: Atsung Ajem)

City-wide prayer gathering at The Lighthouse Church underway

Sentina Ozukum 
Dimapur | May 21

In a time when unity and social harmony are desperately desired, The Lighthouse Church in Dimapur has taken the initiative of organising a city-wide prayer gathering from May 20 to 26. The gathering will be held daily from 5:00 PM at their church located in Hill View Colony, DC Court road, inviting different churches and ministries across Dimapur. 

The seven-day event, themed “a clarion call to every believer to seek the face of God for our nation” looks forward to being an impactful time of collective supplication and intercession for the city’s ‘spiritual and social needs.’ 

The Lead Pastor of The Lighthouse Church, Wabang Longchari, revealed that the inspiration behind the theme came about during the ‘50-days Pentecost’ prayer period. Longchari said, “One night, the Lord led us to give a clarion call to the body of Christ to come together and to pray in unity. I truly believe that the Lord is about to do something in our Land.” 

Longchari asserted that the main purpose of this city-wide prayer gathering was to see “divine guidance and to listen to God’s forthcoming plans for the nation.”

Temong Konyak, Youth Evangelist of The Lighthouse Church, shared a practical approach to the event which includes adopting specific community initiatives. Konyak explained, “If churches and ministries adopt and engage in different community sectors through spiritual guidance, then we can make a tangible difference in society.” Konyak remarked, “In unity, there is always a breakthrough.”

One of the speakers of the gathering, Visasier Kevichusa, Pastor of the Kingdom Culture Church, offered insightful comments on the transformative power of prayer. According to Kevichusa, “The primary result of prayer is that it changes the one who’s in prayer.” 

Underlining the significance of personal transformation through prayer, he said it is, “…to become a person that is positively transformed through prayer. Then we are better equipped to bring some insight, some wisdom, and perhaps some solution to whatever the need is.”

Nusoteu Zao, Pastor of the International Prayer Centre Church, emphasised the urgency of addressing the spiritual battles prevalent in the city. Zao stated, “We often remain ignorant of the spiritual warfare around us. And it is time for the Church to step out of its comfort zone, seek God’s burdens, and pray earnestly for spiritual knowledge and awakening within our ministries.”

Judah Phillip, who has been working as a missionary in Nagaland for the last 10 years, also highlighted the major issue among believers: the sense of division fostered by denominational differences. “We call ourselves the Body of Christ, yet we often feel disconnected due to our varying doctrines,” Phillip remarked and emphasised the importance of unity in advocating a spirit of agreement despite differences.

Emphasising the biblical teachings on the power of unified prayer, most of the speakers, pointed out the immense significance of collective prayer, especially in current times. 

The organisers of the city-wide prayer gathering hope that the event will spark a revival across Dimapur. They anticipate transformative changes by coming together in prayer, and they believe that significant changes can be initiated one day at a time. This prayer gathering aims to build a platform for diverse churches, ministries, and denominations to unite in a shared mission. “We hope this event will demonstrate that despite our differences, we can come together in prayer and make a substantial impact on our community and nation,” Phillip stated.

Meanwhile, the organisers have extended invitation to all to join this pivotal renewal gathering with the anticipation that ‘Dimapur will experience a wave of positive change and testimonies of transformation. This event is not just a call to prayer; it is a clarion call to every believer to seek God’s face for the nation’s future.’

The writer is a student of Peace and Conflict Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati. She is currently an intern in The Morung Express.