NDPP flays NPF’s ‘illogical stand’

Kohima, July 15 (MExN): The war of words between the ruling dispensation and the opposition party shows no sign of stopping as the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) again issued a rebuttal against the “illogical stand” of the NPF.

In a press release on Wednesday, the NDPP Media & Communication Committee took a jibe at the “logic of the NPF that the rising numbers of positive cases in the State is attributed to the failure of the State government.”

Terming the opposition’s demand for the incumbent PDA government to step down as “absurd,” the NDPP said that “Going by the illogical stand of the opposition party, if the rising numbers of positive cases are to be attributed to the failure of the government, then people across the world should be clamouring for their respective governments to step down.”

Accusing the NPF of being “blinded with their hunger to take over the government,” the ruling party put across that people are not as blind as the NPF take them to be. “They understand the efforts that are being taken by the government as well as the various civil organisations in tackling the pandemic,” it added.

On NPF president Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu supporting the stand taken by NPF that the Government must step down, the NDPP said it is surprised that one of the octogenarian politicians in Nagaland and a former Chief Minister would defend and support such a stand.

“For a former Chief Minister who has also been a member of the Cabinet on numerous occasions, it is expected of him to be aware that governments cannot be made to step down at the whims and fancies of the opposition! The NPF does not own the Constitution of India and therefore cannot change the laid down procedures that governs our democracy to their convenience,” it said.

The NDPP meanwhile accused the NPF of tying to create confusion in the minds of the people by repeating that the Governor has lost confidence in the Government.

The party claimed that in his letter to the Chief Minister, the Governor had at no time mentioned that “he had lost his confidence on the government.”

“Such callous statements made by the so called oldest regional party are unbecoming and immature,” the NDPP alleged.

Further, the NDPP said that the opposition “has not made its stand clear on the Naga political issue and the ongoing peace process.”

Stating that Naga civil society, tribal organisations and mass based leaders have expressed their opinions and concerns in an outspoken manner, it alleged that the “NPF has steered clear of the political dynamics of the issue.”

“Does the NPF agree with the terminology of the Naga political groups and is the NPF in support of a political solution that is honourable, acceptable to the people and a negotiated solution that ensures lasting peace by acknowledging the political rights of the Nagas?” the NDPP questioned, while adding that “merely claiming that it is the oldest party no longer holds good in the eyes of the people.”

On Article 371A (1) (b)

The NDPP also addressed former Chief Minister of Nagaland and former Governor of Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha, Dr SC Jamir’s views on Article 371A (1) (b), and asked the former CM if he wanted to make Nagaland “an unequal state of the Indian union or does he want to roll back the clock of history by taking Nagaland back to the 50s and 60s.”

As a former democratically elected head of state and an active proponent for peace, he for one should stand up for democracy by supporting the stand of the government that the said clause under Article 371A is redundant in today’s context, the NDPP stated.

The NDPP reminded that the 12th House of the NLA had passed a resolution on December 17, 2013, stating that Article 371A (1) (b) of the Constitution of India was redundant in Nagaland considering the vast improvements in the law and order and insurgency related activities following the ceasefire between the Centre and the Naga national political groups and the peace talks leading towards a final settlement of the Naga issue.

The NDPP hoped that leaders like Dr Jamir “will defend our right for democracy and together work towards strengthening our State as an equal member of the great Union of India.”