NNC says it does not recognize Indian Elections

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 20 (MExN): The Naga National Council (NNC) today stated that the NNC and the Republic of Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) do not recognize any Indian election. “This stand of the NNC/FGN is not only confined to Nagaland State but to all the Naga inhabited areas as well .We vehemently condemn and strongly stand against such kind of Indian elections in our land,” a press release from Gen (Rtd) Thinoselie M Keyho, NNC President stated. 

It said that when the first General Election of the Indian Republic was held in 1952, the Naga people “totally rejected it and even up to this day we remain and hold the truth of the Naga Plebiscite of 16th May 1951 where 99.99% voted in favor of Naga sovereignty which automatically endorsed the Naga Independence Day of 14th August 1947.” 

Following the rejection and boycott of the Indian election in Nagaland, the NNC said that the “Indian army carried out all kind of heinous and barbaric tortures.” “This situation compelled the Nagas to take up arms against the Indian army strictly in self-defense and defense of their women and children,” it added. 

Otherwise, the NNC said that it “follows non-violent policy, a philosophy that the Father of the Indian Nation taught the world.” In spite of these horrible situations, the Naga people were firm in their stand and totally rejected the Second General Election of the Indian Republic again in 1957, it added. 

Further, the NNC recalled how the Armed Forces Special Power Act in Nagaland and the 16-Point Agreement was enacted and signed respectively. 

It further noted that on January 16, 1969, a telegram message was sent to Indira Gandhi AZ Phizo which read: “the coming Indian election in Nagaland is illegal. It will not be recognized. It is against humanity. It must not be forgotten that Nagaland is not Indian territory and the Nagas are not Indians. They are not demanding independence from India. They have every right to continue to defend human rights and their national sovereignty and India bears responsibility for all consequences as the aggressor.” 

The NNC stated that the Indian system of election was brought to Nagaland State “by brute force without any legality or justification.” It further termed the Nagaland State Government as a “puppet government which the Naga people can never recognize.” 

It further asked the Naga people to be “thoughtful of our tomorrow.” “I am reiterating the stand of Naga National Council that we do not recognize the illegal Indian elections and NNC will do away with such sham and unjustified elections in due course of time with a non-violent policy,” the NNC President stated.