NNC/FGN and HS Ramsan ‘unite for collaborative action’

Lieut Gen (Retd) HS Ramsan, VC and Lieut Gen Jackson Pfithu, MM and others after deciding to ‘unite for collaborative action.’

Dimapur, February 21 (MExN): The Naga National Council, Federal Government of Nagaland (NNC/FGN) led by Gen (Retd) Thepuneyi Rhakho and Lieut Gen (Retd) HS Ramsan, VC with all his officers, and rank and file have united for ‘collaborative action.’

The duo has “come together in a spirit of solidarity to work hand in hand together for the national cause based on the common political rights, historical rights and the rights of the Naga Plebiscite of 1951 under NNC,” informed  a press statement received here.

Lieut Gen Jackson Pfithu MM, Commander in Chief, Naga Army, NNC/FGN on behalf of Gen (Retd) T Rhakho, President FGN had been in “engaged in constructive dialogue” with Lieut Gen (Retd) Ramsan recognising  the “importance of collaboration, unity and mutual understanding,” it  said. “Through open communication and a commitment to peaceful resolution, we have laid the foundation for a strong partnership built on trust and respect,” added the release from NNC/FGN.

It further maintained that the unity represents a “significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to build a more cohesive and inclusive community in the Naga nation.” “We believe that by embracing unity and collaboration, we can overcome obstacles, build on brighter future for generations to come,” it added.