‘No amount of words can express our anger & trauma,’ says Tizit community

Mon, December 9 (MExN): The Tizit community in a press statement issued by the KU Tizit Unit, president, T Wangdun Konyak; TASU president James Konyak; and KNSK Tizit Unit, president Ya-am Konyak have expressed utter shock and disbelief over the unprecedented and ugly incident that took place at Longkhao area, Oting-Tiru Road at Tizit sub-division, Mon on December 4 where 13 innocent coal miners who were on their way back home “was massacred in cold blood and leaving more than 20 others grievously injured by Indian 21 Para Commandos.”

‘No amount of words can express our anger and trauma inflicted upon us. In this time of festive and Christmas season, the peace loving citizens of Tizit are now left in a bad taste of psychological trauma and pain,’ stated the Tizit civil organizations. They condemned the 27 Assam Rifles, Mon for killing another civilian and injuring several others while they were protesting against the Army for their inhumane act. 

The civil organisations also out rightly refute statement from various mainstream media houses that the incident had occurred along the Indo-Myanmar borders as a blatant lie without ascertaining the facts. The place where the incident took place is just few kilometers away from Charaideo District of Assam.

They also nullified the statement of the Indian Army about the incident as a case of “mistaken identity”. “We are awestruck at the guts and lies of the Indian Army when the entire incident has sufficient evidences and proof that they were massacred in cold blood and it was a pre-meditated plan. In fact, the actions perpetrated by para commandos are tantamount to genocide as they tried to conceal the dead bodies of those killed,” the joint statement said. 

Stating the incident as a “big embarrassment and a shame for the Indian Army and her Commandos,” the organisations asked the “Indian Army to use wisdom instead of making excuses and blatant lies to cover up the crime as it will further aggravate the already tensed situation.”

Further, the organisations asked the central government to repeal AFSPA from the North Eastern region immediately. “This draconian Act has only given impunity to the Indian army to torture, rape and kill the innocent civilians at their whims and fancy especially to those corroded medal chasers posted in the region without any sanctity,” it stated. “To put on records, there are also many unaccounted and unreported cases where Indian Security Forces especially from Assam have violated even basic human rights while conducting operations in the border areas,” they alleged. 

While requesting all tribal and frontal organizations to fight for swift justice to all the victims’ family unwaveringly, the Tizit community also appealed the State government to set up impartial and competent SIT team for swift action and justice be delivered at the earliest.

It also condemned the statement of Home Minister Amit Shah and Retd. Major Gaurav Arya for giving false statement in the Parliament and News Channel (Republic TV) respectively, stating that those Army personnel had fired in self defense and were stopped at two check posts.

Meanwhile, it asked the Commanding Officers of Indian Armed Forces stationed in Tizit jurisdiction to refrain from movement of military forces or patrolling parties during the seven days of mourning period within Tizit jurisdiction.

“We will not be held accountable for any untoward incident in case of any misadventure by the security forces during this mourning period,” it cautioned.