NSCN denies allegation

The report of NSCN involvement in the abduction and killing of contractor Irungbam Irabanta on 27th May has come as a bolt from the blue and such baseless allegation must have been motivated with ulterior motive. Given the nature of one Trinamool Congress member Shyamkumar who raised the issue in Manipur Assembly in a very hurried manner without waiting for the police investigation to unviel the truth reflects a strong anti-NSCN campaign.

What is more surprising is mention of Francis, the then CAO (Central Administration Officer) based in Ukhrul and another Leishi, Leacy as the main culprits .It may be mention that Francis was on leave during the time when the abduction took place and he was in Gauhati in connection with his wife medical treatment. He was there for more than a week and he knows nothing about such person. Moreover, Francis have never met Irabanta in person nor talk to him on the phone in any matter. His name for any purpose has never show up in the office of CAO/Wung Tangkhul Region. As such pointing accusing finger against Francis and his Leacy without any concrete evidence can never be accepted.

We are also constrain to say that such unwarranted accusation against Francis and Leishi is not only to malign the image of WTR/GPRN but also to create tension on communal line at the behest of the external hands. The family members in question and the general public is therefore urged to have proper inquiry to dig out the fact before pointing fingers at anyone.

Let the truth come out as Chief Minister said before the Assembly that the case is under investigation by a special police team.

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