NSCN-K turned NSCN (IM) kilonser shot dead in Tizit

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 22

A kilonser in the NSCN (IM) setup succumbed to a suspected inter-factional assassination in Mon’s Tizit town. The victim, identified as Khampei Opeiham, had joined the NSCN (IM) some 5-6 months ago after parting ways from a breakaway faction of the NSCN-K (Yung Aung). 

According to the police, the shooting occurred around 9-10:00 pm on the night of February 21 at the victim’s residence located in the Industrial Ward, Tizit. Citing the statement of people, who were at Opeiham’s residence at the time of the incident, police said that atleast 6 assailants were involved in the shooting. 

As per the police preliminary inquiry, the victim was shot thrice and succumbed to the wounds in hospital. The victim’s wife and children were left unharmed. Three “small arms” empty shells were recovered by the police from the scene of the shooting.

Describing the situation in Tizit as tense but under control, the police said that a suo moto case has been registered at the Tizit Police Station and investigation. 

In mid-2023, amidst internal dispute, Major Gen (retired) U Ang Mai broke away from the NSCN-K (Yung Aung). The breakaway group, which included Opeiham, went on to be known as NSCN-K (Ang Mai). Opeiham held a senior position in the NSCN-K at the time as Cabinet Kilonser and incharge of the Konyak Region. 

In July 2023, he was reportedly discharged from the Ang Mai group on health grounds to subsequently crossover to the Indian side of the border via Mon district. Not long after his discharge he joined the NSCN (IM) alongwith a few of his associates.