Poll abstention: Will stand to protect any repercussions, say Eastern Nagaland orgs

Tuensang, April 15 (MExN): The ENPO, Tribal Bodies, ENWO and ENSF today asserted that they would protect any citizen of Eastern Nagaland, including elected members and government employees, “facing repercussions” for abiding by the “public decision” for voluntary abstention from voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha Election. 

The citizens would “Stand Protected by the Eastern Nagaland public,” stated a ‘General Advisory’ issued by the Eastern Nagaland Public Emergency Control Room in Tuensang.

It further noted that if any confrontation occurs at a polling station, leading to a law-and-order situation in Eastern Nagaland, the concerned citizen of that particular village or town would be held solely responsible."

“Ultimately, the Eastern Nagaland people will engrave a permanent testament of ‘Betrayal’ in its history with an indelible letter imprinted for ages to come,” it cautioned. 

The Advisory also maintained that Eastern Public Emergency, declared on March 5, has “proven effective so far” and to ensure the existing peaceful environment until the polling day, it “advised” the Eastern Nagaland citizens or outsiders to refrain from disrupting the ongoing peaceful Public Emergency in order to avoid any awkward situation that is anticipated considering the magnanimity of the agitated public.” 

All the elected members and political party leaders are particularly requested to take heed of the said advisory, it cautioned in a veiled threat.   

It also informed that there will be checking of all vehicles including police's vehicles entering Eastern Nagaland jurisdiction with liquor and other intoxicant substances and stated that the ENWO has been entrusted to oversee the implementation of the directive.

The Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO), Tribal Bodies, Eastern Nagaland Women's Organisation (ENWO) and Eastern Nagaland Students' Federation (ENSF) also expressed appreciation to all citizens of Eastern Nagaland for the cooperation on the ongoing Public Emergency.