One of the oft-repeated feedbacks on the entire DMC thing over the last two weeks or so has been the adage that ‘anything can happen in politics’. This has been proved once again by the twists and turns that finally saw the resignation of its Chairperson Vikheho Awomi but not before some strange happenings that has obviously raised some uncomfortable questions for the NPF party. While the cracks within the four walls of party may have been temporarily covered it also goes without saying that the last word has not yet been said on the DMC power struggle. At best the DMC may experience an uneasy calm Post-Vikheho under the new Chairperson. 

Given the turn of events that has now divided the council, the question that remains to be seen is on whether the DMC will be able to work in the way it should function as a public utility body. The new Chairperson Tovihoto Ayemi will now have to regroup the entire council so that it is able to give account for itself in the interest of public welfare. For this, a congenial atmosphere will have to be first created within the confines of the DMC itself. More importantly, the council will now have to put behind the game of politics and instead focus on a common agenda for the overall development and running of the Dimapur municipality area. If issues are put up front there are at least greater chances that the DMC may be able to work to some extent on the basis of mutual agreement and cooperation. If politics has its way it may only make it impossible for the DMC to function so much so that the district administration may be compelled to intervene and dissolve the council and call for a fresh mandate. 

Evolving a cooperative culture in which the DMC will be able to stand up as a coherent unit remains therefore, the first task for the new leadership. Much will therefore now depend on the leadership of Tovihoto and how he is able to rally the members leaving aside their differences. As for Vikheho his support for the new Chairperson will be extremely crucial if at all the DMC is to function unhindered. Despite having to resign under the circumstance, for the long haul Vikheho may have ended up scoring some vital political points. 

As for the No Confidence Motion if it had materialized, more damage could have been done to the functioning of the DMC and knowing fully well that the division would have materialized into the open. There were definitely those within the party who had a vested interest not to allow the No Confidence Vote to go ahead. At the end of the day, the NPF party may have well avoided a major embarrassment. But whether an amicable settlement on the differences has been sorted out only the NPF will know. For this it would have to honestly assess the political situation and take steps to avoid any further damage to the party.