Quiz #382

1. How many cars can be parked in the recently inaugurated the Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) facilities at NST Bus Station Kohima? 
a. 125        

b. 130

c. 180        

d. 195

2. As per an official account, Amur Falcon conservation years in Nagaland completed how many years in 2023?
a. 8           

 a. 9

b. 10            

c. 11

3. Who is the president of All Nagaland College Students’ Union 2023-2025 tenure?
a. Kivika Achumi     

b. Arhonthung M Lotha

c. Dzüzüve Swüro     

d. Tenyesinlo Bukh

4. Which of the following published the 1st Nagaland Disaster Statistics report?
a. Economics & Statistics

b. Fire & Emergency Services


d. Police Department

5. Who among the following has won two medals for Nagaland in the National Games? 
a. Avikali V Sheqi    

b. Hinokali 

c. Kitenlo Thono    

d. Liike Kibami