1. What was the total milk procurement of the Dimapur District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd (DIMUL) in 2022-23?

a. 11.3 lakh litres         

b. 12.4 lakh litres

c. 13.3 lakh litres        

d. 14.3 lakh litres

2. Which village has been recognised as the ‘honey village’ in Nagaland?

a. Chozuba        

b. Mima

c. Razeba        

d. Yachang

3. Which district won the first position in the recent State Level Parliamentary Quiz Competition?

a. Chümoukedima     

b. Kohima

c. Peren           

 d. Dimapur

4. Which among the following country is not partner of the 24th Hornbill Festival in Nagaland?

a. Colombia         

b. Estonia 

c. Germany         

d. The United States

5. Which State secured the topped the open categories competition of the recent 3rd Northeast India Academy of Performing Arts Northeast Open TT Championship?

a. Assam            

b. Manipur

c. Mizoram        

d. Nagaland

This contest is open ONLY for students. Previous winners of the Competition are not eligible for  the prize*. 

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Answers to Quiz #384 1. C; 2. B; 3. B; 4. A; 5. D

Winner: Winner: KhekutoZhimo
B.A 5th Semester, Tetso College

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