Rediscovering Confidence

Are Nagas as a people facing an acute crisis of confidence? It is a question that requires an honest and sincere reflection. The growing suspicion and disrespect for each other, the profound hurt Nagas have meted upon one another, and the increasing doubt about the meaning and purpose of their existence points towards the dilemma Nagas are faced concerning its own confidence. This mounting uncertainty over what constitutes the Naga purpose and existence has contributed towards the loss of Naga unity of purpose. In this sense the Nagas are faced with a dire crisis of confidence and are losing faith in the ability of the common people to serve as the ultimate makers of the Naga destiny.
Nagas are finding it extremely challenging to think outside of the present conditions and to contemplate and envision a possible alternate future. The erosion of Naga confidence in their own future is threatening to destroy the present social, moral and political fiber of the Naga people. This tragedy lies in the irony that the once confident Nagas are beginning to lose faith in the very values that defined and shaped their future and purpose. As a result, the growing degeneration of values; increasing violence, the loud silence against injustices, rampant culture of corruption and the lack of serious discussion to find solutions to our varied problems are some of the symptoms caused by the crisis of confidence. And the symptoms of this crisis of confidence are everywhere. Just take a look around you.
Nagas must begin to believe once more in their God given abilities and capacities to be makers and shapers of their own destinies. Nagas need to once again believe and find hope in the realization of their sense of purpose and existence. Nagas have to rise above their sense of victim-hood and overcome their self-indulgence and wanton consumption, and learn that the material goods which have no purpose or confidence will not fill the emptiness in their lives. Nagas need to dream once again and to find and create ideas that give purpose and confidence in their lives. Above all, Nagas are required to rediscover the need to respect all of life and to end all actions that dehumanizes fellow human beings by healing the wounds that have separated and alienated one another.     
Nagas must face the truth and then begin to change the course of their present destiny. Nagas are demanded to have faith in each other and faith in themselves to be shapers of their own future. Nagas need to know their own strengths and abilities and regain their unity in purpose. Nagas have to start looking for honest answers, not easy answers; leadership with integrity and clarity, not false claims and evasive politics. Finally, Nagas should restore their faith and confidence in their purpose to be a relevant nation.