Season to listen the discourses

As the season of Christmas is here at our home we see lots of banner that are being displayed at the best location where the viewer can behold. Almost all the major towns in Nagaland we will see them hanging the unison word “Welcome.” Christmas wishes, New Year greetings, Conferences, and Students Union Conferences et al. Naga people are blessed to have different kinds of gathering at this winter season. We will see many of our state leaders which include leaders from NGOs to exhort as chief guest, or as guest speaker. Probably many of our students’ unions invite them in order to let our honorable chief guest to raise the fund. Is that what we are today in our context which have become our daily seasonal routine. Are we inviting them for fund raise or to explore and to extract some of the wisdom from our leaders? Today as students leaders perhaps many of our brothers and sisters have to take another shift by having a positive mental attitude. Many of our Naga leaders are blessed with double standers and for different occasions they are willing to wear the masks however, we are blessed to have some of our leaders who do not have split personality. If there is any possibility perhaps those leaders have to invite and let them encourage our younger brothers and sisters. Naga students’ leaders have to think in coalesce to let our younger generation a better dwelling. 

As has been observing for some few years many of our Naga leaders will speak to our innocent students about the catchy words, hard working, honesty and would like to coin them as the future leaders. As leaders it is so good to listen to those sweet speech and encouraging words like “you can do” or “you are our hope.” Well, many of our leaders cannot do justice first to self and they are telling our students to do which were impossible to themselves. Many of our politicians especially even want to adjust others talents, academic calibers for their children and for their own families. These leaders are so immerse and absorbed with all evils schemes. Which future you are talking about and which hope are you they talking about. It is so confusing to hear their discourses or lectures. Many of them are close to dacoits and gonads leadership skill; forgive me if you are honest! Leaders you can start by telling what you practice and so that others can hear you clearly and precisely. Leaders who are so confused cannot give right mental picture to others. People who are so entangled with all kinds of immoral are so comfortable to speak before many innocents students about morality. After their discourses are over and with 24 hrs they are the one who are willing to break those encouragements words that have been spoken in past 24hrs to students. These are our leaders and these kinds of leaders are going to produce which quality of future generation leaders. People who are adjusting the poor of the poorest fund welfare are speaking to our students about future building. These leaders like to move around in the best vehicles and are taking about hard working. Many of them talk about peace and security but they cannot move freely without heavily guard. If possible many of our Nagas leaders perhaps have to ask themselves about their personality. Who am I and what am I doing as leader?

When they grow fat and older with all evils money when evil situation over take them by taking away their property are they going to appeal for justice or not in future. Which justice will they appeal to government or what? All evils are their own products though public have a good share in making them corrupted. Perhaps they have no moral right to appeal for justice because they deserve to land in jail but leaders who do justice will get applaud of the future generation. As sons and daughters of these leaders are they having a proud father who is sharing one of the lethal poisons to the entire family. They have to think what they are sharing to their family. If there is God of justice one day these will expose to light.

Different conferences of religious gathering will see many of our leaders as guest speaker during this season. Perhaps many of our corrupt leaders will put mask of religiosity and speak about God’s justice and love. It is so good to hear them says so but if they can tone down their volume of speech. If they used the very scripture to fulfill their goal it is one of the dangerous paths they are walking. They will give do’s and don’s to our friends who are willing to hear God’s message. Christmas greeting and New Year wishes are ample and people have heavy baggage of “wishes.” But what will these leaders gives you next time and another year to Naga people. Even we cannot deny our National workers Leaders from different camp giving us Christmas greeting and New Year wishes but we never know what they will give us within next 24hrs. Which New Year greetings are they greeting to us it seems skeptical but we are confused. They might give us another Naga death body to us at the earliest or good year to let us live here in our own land peacefully. Probably many leaders of Nagas are fabricated with different colors.

This writer will not raise his eye brow if some of our leaders after their retirement from their office will actively involved in God’s ministry. After having lots of fasting and prayer confessing all their past heinous crime that has been committed for more than half of their lives. God’s grace cannot be limited but to do God’s ministry other persons probably can do better then those who have been suppressing hundreds and thousands of Naga people for many decades. Many of them try to cover up with lots of good ethics and doing social activities. For those people it would have been better if they have taken their vocation as God’s ministry when they are in their office. God’s ministry can be done in every office and every place. This writer personally has lots of loopholes and together with our leaders today we have to focus upon a newer height. May we explore who we are from the following analysis?

1.    Leaders let us not only give to other what you have to says but receive Jesus Christ during this Christmas celebration. A season not to lecture “others” but to lecture “self.” A time to learn to know what is truth, honest, hard working. Not to pass the knowledge but receive Christ love so that your message become clearer and meaningful to you congregation or audience when you share.

2.    Leaders can be a better human being if they learn to liberated themselves and speak about liberation especially to students and young people.

3.    Leaders have right to use the Word of God but they have no right to exploit the Word of God as they like to use as their minds want.

4.    Leaders as our forerunners we like to hear your greetings and wishes but today those have to be from the inner core of your hearts. Are you preparing for us to give a heavy burden and load to carry or to enlighten us next years. Which greetings and wishes will you promise us this season?

For past many years we have heard about our leaders discourse but today the listener specially our younger brothers and sisters need to have balance mind to receive what but to dump what is not. Leaders have to work out the best and be who they are and not to give what you cannot practice a single sentence of what you say for others to follow. People will accept what you say and their ears will open if you expose who you are and not with another personality. May this season be a season for many of our Leaders to share their discourse carefully so that they will not poison the innocent people especially to our students? We need leaders who are leading to rebuild our land not leaders who want to destroy the remaining fragmented society. May Naga people be willing to open so that God can come into our lives to rebuild us this Christmas? Leaders give us words from your life that is based upon the truth not on others foundation. Leaders we are willing to listen if you are true to yourself during this season. 

H. Apise
Purana Bazar, Dimapur