Substantial jump in number of young investors below the age of 30

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New Delhi, November 29 (IANS): Greater financial literacy, frictionless customer onboarding and proliferating user-friendly digital platforms have led to a substantial jump in the number of young investors, accounting 70 per cent–80 per cent of active clientele of digital/discount brokers within the 18-30 years age group, according to Bain & Company’s latest study of the Indian Retail Brokerage market.

Similarly, 70 per cent–75 per cent of newly acquired customers for bank brokers are also below the age of 30, albeit with lower activation rates.

The industry also saw a leap in investor engagement from Tier 2+ cities, which now account for one-third of the cash turnover, the study said.

The Indian retail brokerage industry has witnessed remarkable growth, nearly doubling industry revenue from Rs 14,000 crore in FY19 to Rs 27,000 crore in FY23, representing a CAGR of approximately 17 per cent.

This growth has been fueled by the emergence of India’s mass-affluent and affluent segments, coupled with increasing financial literacy.

The number of demat accounts has tripled since FY19, reaching an impressive tally of 115 million in FY23, thanks to the heightened interest sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

These are among the findings from Bain & Company’s latest study of the Indian Retail Brokerage market.

The Covid-19 pandemic served as a turning point for retail participation in capital markets, with digital-first players revolutionising the industry.

However, the industry’s average revenue per user (ARPU) decreased from around Rs 6,000 in FY19 to Rs 5,000 in FY23.