‘The privilege to work is a gift’


Work requires discipline. Any workplaces that functions based on the value of trust and understanding are constantly challenged to find the intersection between allowing the employees to be their own decision maker and getting the work done, also without compromising on the quality. In today’s time, so much attention is given to work and it has become the central of a person’s life, more than ever. The issues of work have become paramount, to the extent that it now requires the involvement of policy makers and law makers at different levels. With the radical emphasis on delivering better service and getting the duty done due to prevailing competitions, work can always demand more of our time. 

Work performances in the Naga society, for a very long time, was measured by the type of service or sector which provided the employment. Families, villages and even churches were consumed by the authority of Government job. The obsession over the white-collar job known for earning higher average salaries still hovers around, nonetheless, it is enlightening to note that with the revision of employment policies, especially in connection to pension benefits and job security, a small door of acceptance has opened for other employment options. Currently, somewhat working people like entrepreneurs, business-owners, private job holders are recognised as employment providers and also contributors to the economy. 

However the work may look like, all professionals require the essential character of discipline. The Management Study Guide believes that ‘discipline ensures individuals behave in an acceptable way at the workplace and also adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization’ and the aspiration is for the team to work a single unit to achieve certain goals and objectives. American educator, David O McKay challenges all to realize that “the privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing, the love of work is success!” People with good skills, do valuable work; yet the measure of successful professional are often determined by how one upholds the work ethics and standard. In current circumstances, work does not only lead to self-sufficiency, but it also influences the value of community, sharing responsibilities, adding value to work and upholding the work-life integrity. Irrespective of whether one serves in the government sector or private company, or entrepreneurs, everyone has to face the rapid competition around the world. Upholding professional discipline will not only unlock the benefits for the work place, but it could probably lead to find answers on the subject of why Naga people fail to detest from wrong practices in their own work place/profession.  

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