The Sandwiched Generation

More and more I am convinced that Naga children born in the 70s should aptly be referred to as the Sandwiched Generation. I make this emphasis because I perceive this generation as the one that links the past – those born prior to the 70s and the future – those born after the 70s; and one that consistently finds itself between what Nagas call, the old generation and the young generation. While this dichotomy may be flawed and inconsistent with the principle of humanity, it would not be wrong to say that the 70s find itself at the middle of modern Naga political history. 

Considering that the Sandwich Generation are the last of the old school, and the first of the new school; they actually embody both and in a sense, neither of them. The Sandwiched Generation therefore has a natural and organic role in bridging the past and future well being of the Nagas. This however will depend on their ability to define its own idea of purpose and existence, while still having the capacity to understand, adjust and maneuver through the existential realities and worldviews of both their immediate past and future generations.

It is crucial that the Sandwiched Generation is confident of its own unique identity shaped by the experiences of its time, lest it finds itself overwhelmed by the legacy of the past and the challenges of the future. Considering the enormity of its natural role as bridge builder, it must ensure that its relevance is not negated by its inability to withstand the pressures exerted from all sides. The resolve to be persuasively and firmly rooted in the history of a peoples demand a spiritual and ethical stand, not just political.  

I wonder whether the children of the 70s have in effect been able to ride the wave, or has it just succumbed to overwhelming challenges that life presents before us all. Somehow, I feel that the Sandwiched Generation has still not been able to find its own voice and hence has not been a decisive entity in the human endeavor for a dignified life. Hence the simmering concern that the Sandwiched Generation is faltering in its ability to be objective and decisive has pushed it to a point of irrelevance. At this rate, the Sandwiched Generation will certainly be bypassed. 

It is quite imperative that the Sandwiched Generation must find life all over again. It needs to recover its voice and stand rooted in its understanding, which has been shaped through its interplay with both the past and the future. Indeed, it must fully appreciate and realize this unique opportunity to be able to have its feet on both the past and the future. To that, the children of the 70s must acquire the knack of consistently demonstrating its ability to speak out and stand up for the objective truth. Perhaps then, the Sandwiched Generation can find relevance in its existence as a generation, in the complex web of human life.