We need to respect Peace brought by God

NNC Member
A so-called new NNC group, led by two or three Chakhesang individuals which was formed in the last part of 2023, is using again the Shillong Accord (SA) to get money from the Government of India (GoI) like all the factions are using SA to extract money from India. So also, the said new NNC group is using again the SA. Because, they know well that the fake NNC/FGN led by Zhopra got 16 crore of money in 2006 from the GoI as they used the SA, stating that Shillong Accord was disowned by FGN President Zashei Huire on May 6, 1996. 

The name of former FGN President Zashei Huire should not be defamed intentionally by his own people by saying or stating thus: Zashei Huire owned SA up to May 6, 1996 (21 years), and then disowned it only on May 6, 1996, which stated by this New NNC group in its statement paragraph six written by so-called speaker which appeared in The Morung Express on February 27, 2024.

The fact was that on that very day May 6, 1996, Zashei Huire was at the condition of unconsciousness in Phek Hospital due to his sickness. How can a man in such condition disowned the SA by writing a statement? Playing with such false document will be faced a curse from God. Zashei Huire’s clear conscience was that he never owned the SA. I know it and many right-thinking fellow Chakhesang know about it. The record of President Zashei Huire was very clear as follows:

The FGN President Zashei Huire rejected the SA by a statement issued on December 30, 1975, which was officially handed over to Governor L.P. Singh (who was a signatory of SA from the GoI) on 3rd January, 1976, when an official meeting was held in Shillong. Again, when the GoI gave pressure on the six leaders of FGN to hold talks based on SA, those FGN leaders under the leadership of Zashei Huire refused to hold talks with the GoI based on SA. This is a clear record of the FGN, that the FGN did not accept the SA, but rather counter pressure was given to the PM of India Morarji Desai to hold talks with the NNC President A.Z. Phizo, who was in London. Accordingly, the PM of India officially held talks with A.Z. Phizo, President, NNC on 14th June, 1977. That was the burial and end of SA in 1977 before any Naga faction played using the SA as their false propaganda. Therefore, the question of owned or disowned of Shillong Accord by Zashei Huire does not arise at all.

But the so-called new NNC group has started using the SA again to get money from the GoI. Because they know that the factional leaderswho are using SA for their false propagandastarted from 1980 had been built up their luxury lives (Hebron Camp). 

But from the beginning, the Kohima Transit Peace Camp (TPC)receives no money from the GoI as accusing by factions,even Rs. 4,500 the donation provided by NPC (Nagaland Peace Council) for electricity and water was rejected by TPC on May 30, 1993 with an official a letter to NPC signed by late I. Temjenba, a signatory of SA. Because false propaganda hurled against the TPC by factions were intolerable. 

All the Naga people know that peace of 1975 was brought by God our Lord. When the President Rule was promulgated by the GoI in Nagaland on March 22, 1975, (Republic Day of Nagaland), to give a sweeping power to the Indian Army to completely pulverizethe NNC/FGN and Naga Army once and for all,on the same day God our Lord also declared through His servant Naga Army Chaplain Yiethihϋ; that do not be afraid, I will bring peace to Nagaland. Which was unbelievable, but it was happened by signing of the SA. 

The Indian Army Camp at the Mission compound, became aTransit Peace Comp. (All the prophetic words for peace, I have written in the book “God’s Hand upon Nagas and Nagaland” published in 2000 AD). 

None of designated Camps are brought by God our Lord, except Kohima Transit Peace Camp. The factions who went on against God given Peace, are now in the designated Camps given by GoI, and they are demanding development and political status from India. None of them stand to defend the sovereignty of Nagaland and respect God given sovereignty, instead in the pretext of Naga nationalism they are working for their own benefits.  

For the peace of 1975, the NNC President, late AZ Phizo stated in his letter to Rajiv Gandhi; that “We suffered foryears, and at last, wonderfully, GOD HASINTERVENEND IN THE MATTER”, in Sl. No. 17, He started on September 6, 1988 communication to the Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, covering 34 pages in serial numbers 157.

We need to value and respect Peace brought by God as our great leader and Father of the Nation did.