We will restore governance in Dimapur: Therie

Congress proposes plans from party’s manifesto for Dimapur I 

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 8 

K Therie, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) President, who had filed his nomination to contest from Dimapur I A/C announced that the Congress will endeavour to restore governance and provide a safe environment in Dimapur if elected to power. He alleged that the city has been abused and robbed of its desired funds over the years including lack of road infrastructure, sewage system, electricity and other amenities in spite of the district generating the highest revenue in the State. 

Moreover, kidnappings, extortions and physical threats have taken place regularly indicating a collapse in the law n order situation. “This is why we are saying that governance has collapsed... law & order has collapsed,” he stated. 

Therie made the comments during a press briefing at the Congress Bhavan, Dimapur on February 8 and added that the party will ensure the implementation of the Indo-Naga peace agreement which was tantamount to restoring a peaceful and economically viable environment in Dimapur. 

He purported the government’s failure to protect the business community was leading to the general suffering of its citizens. In addition to traffic congestion and absence of good electricity connection which he claims the party has ‘a plan’ to solve. 

Therie also proposed the idea of providing clean and safe drinking water for the citizens as at present, most of them relied on high-iron content water for their needs. Construction of indoor and outdoor stadiums for the youths to train, open theatres and building 10,000 micro and small enterprises were some of the other projects of the party’s manifesto. 

Another issue the party highlighted was resettlement of people from the on-going eviction drive near the Dimapur Railway Station “We will ensure the people that there will be no such displacement,” he said.

As such, Therie appealed to the voters to return Congress candidates to power so as to provide a new set of vision from the seat of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly.  

Rajesh Kumar Sethi, General Secretary Enrollment and Campaign Committee Chairperson for Therie, meanwhile noted the significance of Dimapur I constituency as it harbours the majority of all business establishments for the State. “We need a strong man for this constituency and I believe that K Therie will be the right person for the job,” he viewed.