Clinton sent just TWO emails during his 8 years as President

He may have had his finger on America's nuclear button, but Bill Clinton was no big fan of technology.
The President has admitted he sent  just TWO emails during his two terms from 1992 while his staff sent 40 million.
Clinton's confession came in front of a technology savvy audience at the Wired For Change conference in New York. He said: 'I sent a grand total of two emails as president. One to our troops in the Adriatic, and one to John Glenn when he was 77-years-old in outer space.  I figured it was okay if Congress subpoenaed those.'
When Clinton took office  he made jokes about the state of technology and the 50 internet sites then in existence. He said the cell phones were so heavy 'they were best used for bicep curls.' In 2004, administrators handling preparations for the Clinton Presidential Library mentioned the historic pair of cyber-communiques.  And at least one of the two emails was a team effort. When Clinton sent the message to Glenn, he was helped by staffers who were keen to find out if  the commander-in-chief 'knew how to push the button on an email.'
Clinton put in a surprise appearance at conference to promote the importance of information technology--especially in poor countries which are seeing many improvements in their quality of life thanks to technology.