Merama initiates project to protect endangered species

Kohima | March 13 : In compliance to Angami Youth Organisation (AYO)’s resolution restricting hunting and jungle burning in the entire Angami region, the Merama Khel of Phesama village, Kohima on March 12, 2011 initiated a project to protect the endangered species by imposing total ban against hunting with immediate effect.
As part of the initiative, the Merama Youth Society, Phesama released some of the home reared animals and jungle fouls and poultry into Kipidzü reserve forest within its jurisdiction. AYO President Khrielievi Chüsi appreciated the efforts of Merama Youth, Phesama towards implementing the AYO resolution. He also maintained that the efforts should be an eye opener for other neighbouring villages and Nagas in general in preserving and protecting the flora and fauna as well as the species which are on the verge of extinction in our areas. He hoped that others too would follow suit and preserve the natural resources of the State.
Chüsi was accompanied by AYO treasurer Vizotuo Kin and Information & Publicity Secretary Aza Zinyü. The MYO had released around 80 different kind of species, including rabbits, guinea pig, poultry and white rats in its first phase while the second phase will be held somewhere in August this year. It is also learnt that hunting is banned in Kipidzü forest throughout the year.

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