Naga women orgs appeal for pursuit of peace in Manipur

Naga women, led by the DBWU and NWHD, at the candlelight vigil for peace in Manipur in Dimapur on August 4. (Morung Photo)

Naga women, led by the DBWU and NWHD, at the candlelight vigil for peace in Manipur in Dimapur on August 4. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 4 

The call for restoring peace in neighbouring Manipur continued gaining traction in Nagaland. On August 4, the Dimapur Baptist Women's Union (DBWU) and Naga Women Hoho, Dimapur (NWHD), together with other civil society organisations, cutting across communities, took out a candlelight vigil in Dimapur demonstrating solidarity with the people of Manipur. 

Khontele Seb, DBWU President equated the gathering as a testament to the unwavering support of Naga women and the broader Naga community in the pursuit of peace and normalcy in Manipur.

“We cannot remain silent anymore when our sister state is burning endlessly and our brothers and sisters in Manipur are suffering untold atrocities,” she said, while stating that she has been immensely pained and distressed by the horrifying images and reports of the violence emerging from Manipur.

As fellow humans, she said that it is painful witnessing the countless people, especially women and children, fleeing from violence to seek refuge in other states. “It pains us to know that our sisters are being raped and their naked bodies paraded with disgrace. It pains us when our innocent elderly mother and sister are killed mercilessly.” 

“We stand together, sharing the pain and suffering of our fellow Manipuris, and vehemently condemn the inhumane violence, rape, killing of innocents, and the destruction of churches and homes. Our hearts, feelings, and emotions reach out to all the innocent victims.”

While calling for embracing peace, she appealed the Union government and the Manipur state government to restore peace and normalcy in the region.  

NWHD President, Duoneinuo Kire, expressed concern and solidarity to all the individuals, irrespective of community, oppressed by the ongoing violence. The cruelty and barbarism of the violence have rightfully sparked outrage and now is the time for reparations and restitutions to prevail in Manipur, she said. She appealed all the people involved in the conflict to come together, “put aside personal and communal animosities and work towards peace, harmony and healing that the people of Manipur truly deserves.”