Salman urges fans not to waste milk on posters, asks for it to be given to poor kids

Image Source: IANS News

Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, November 28 (IANS) Bollywood star Salman Khan on Sunday shared another video of fans showering the poster of his film 'Antim: The Final Truth' with milk and the actor has now urged them to not waste milk and to give it to poor children instead.

On Sunday afternoon, the 'Dabangg' star shared a video clip, where his fans are seen showering milk on an 'Antim: The Final Truth' poster featuring Salman in a Sikh avtar.

Upset with the wastage of milk, the star appealed to his fans.

He wrote: "Kai logon ko paani naseeb nahiin hota aur aap aise doodh waste karr rahe ho. (Some people don't even get water and you are wasting milk.)"

He added: "Agar aapko doodh dena hi hai toh my request to all my fans is ki Aap gareeb bacchon ko pilayein jinhe doodh peene ko nahiin milta. (If you want to use milk, I request all my fans to give it poor children who cannot afford it)."

Earlier, the actor had raised concerns after a video showed firecrackers being used in a packed cinema hall during the screening of 'Antim: The Final Truth'.

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, 'Antim: The Final Truth' also stars Salman's brother-in-law and actor Aayush Sharma.