Truth is the power 


Truth is the spirit of a virtuous person. It is the core foundation of every great character, the guardian of every ideal individual and institution. Truth is the revelation and manifestation of justice, integrity and loyalty. 

Truth can never be misquoted. Just as truth is the oldest virtue, so is lying the iniquity; but the divinity of truth and the vices of lying can never be matched. Untruthfulness bears conflict, doubt, inconsistency, and misgiving. Truth is transformative, liberating, unchanging and an ideal “a constant impulse to live it.”

Unfortunately, time and again the question of truth comes with ambiguity. The simple explanations like fact and legitimacy does not suffice to assert its significance. The conversation around this value that determines integrity and honour is becoming one of an uncomfortable nature.

Truth has the power to influence eternity and imagine, the mortal human being harboring on lie with the hope to go up against the power of truth. 

The man who does not hesitate to shift and trim their sails to catch the wind for power and popularity cannot be trusted. They fail to value the worth of their soul in the quest to create a wrong impression of the self-image. Lie is short-lived. When the lie is revealed, it dies along with the imagination of its false strength and supremacy. 

But truth is absolute. Truth can stand all alone and yet, never be afraid to be shaken. 

One word of truth shall overweigh the injustice of the word” - this Russian Proverb attest deeply that the most powerful agent of change in the world is truth. There is power in words spoken in truth as it embodies its own authentication, moral ground, pure conscience and uprightness. Truth, however heard brings freedom and restoration.

And therefore, no statement from any position of power can change the truth because truth is always the power.

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