Nagaland Cong showcases party’s five guarantees

Members of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee showcase the party’s five guarantees during a press briefing at Congress Bhavan Kohima on March 20. (Morung Photo)

Members of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee showcase the party’s five guarantees during a press briefing at Congress Bhavan Kohima on March 20. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | March 20

The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today showcased the five guarantees (“Nyay pillars”) announced by the Indian National Congress on March 19, which among others, include addressing the issue of paper leaks and ensuring recruitment opportunities for the youth of the country.

Announcing the same during a press briefing at Congress Bhavan Kohima this afternoon, Co-chairman of the NPCC Public Grievances Department Meshenlo Kath said that the guarantees were made following the Bharat Jodo Yatra undertaken by Rahul Gandhi and the subsequent observations made during the journey.

One of the major concerns was the high unemployment rate in the country and Kath informed that there are more than 30 lakh vacancies in the central government alone.

If the Congress party comes to power, it promises to recruit the youth of the country to fill these vacancies under ‘Bharati Bharosa’ initiative, he said. 

Even in Nagaland too, there are about 2400 vacancies which are yet to be filled up with over 100 vacancies in three departments, he informed. 

“Not recruiting against the vacant posts is also a form of corruption,” Kath maintained. 

Another guarantee presented by the Congress party is the introduction of a new scheme called ‘Pehli Naukri Pakki’ (or ‘Right to Internship/apprenticeship’) aimed at providing annual scholarship of Rs 1 lakh (Rs 8500 per month) to educated youths for apprenticeship.

Kath claimed that students of the Industrial Training Institutes in Nagaland have not received their stipend since 2021.

Citing instances on paper leaks across the country, he maintained that the party will come up with a strict law to eliminate any anomalies related to paper leakage under the initiative of ‘Paper Leak Se Mukti’.

Furthermore, the Congress party, Kath maintained, intends to ensure better working conditions and social security for gig workers such as auto drivers, two-wheeler drivers etc through ‘Gig Economy Mein Samajik Suraksha.’ This will include providing health insurance, accident insurance etc.

The party, Kath said also envisage to create Rs 5000 crore package as start-up funds for youth across the country under ‘Yuva Roshni’ and the fund will be distributed to all the districts in the country for entrepreneurs to start their business.

When asked about the position of the Congress party in Nagaland, Kath said, “We are cultivating honest politics.”

However, he observed that it has become a prevailing trend in the State that only candidates with monetary resources emerge victorious in elections. 

Accordingly, Kath urged the youth of the State to think and vote wisely emphasising that secularism and freedom of religion is in grave danger.

If the youth doesn’t act now gradual removal of these values in the country is not far, he cautioned.