‘Our forefathers taught us nothing worthy comes without effort’

MLA Ar Jwenga Seb and others during the 9th anniversary of Rengma Selo Zi at K Station on May 4. (Morung Photo)

MLA Ar Jwenga Seb and others during the 9th anniversary of Rengma Selo Zi at K Station on May 4. (Morung Photo)

RSZ 9th anniversary cum 3rd general assembly held

Our Correspondent
Kohima | May 4

MLA Ar Jwenga Seb today said that true change is rooted in the adherence to laws and the principles of democracy. “As we strive for social justice and equality, let us do so with the spirit of cooperation and respect for the frameworks that govern us,” he said while gracing the 9th anniversary cum 3rd General Assembly of the Rengma Selo Zi (RSZ), hosted by Kandi Group Youth Organization at K. Station in Tseminyu district.

Complimenting RSZ for propagating unity, determination and progress, he said, “Over the years, RSZ has stood as a beacon of hope and a force of change, advocating tirelessly for the rights and welfare of our communities.”

Touching on the theme ‘Beyond us: Redefining our future,’ Seb said, “It is imperative to recognize that our future is not something that simply happens to us. It is something we actively create through our decisions, actions, and the values we champion.”

He said, “Our forefathers taught us that nothing worthy comes without effort. This wisdom reminds us that in our fight against social evils, shortcuts or reckless measures are not only unsustainable but could potentially lead to greater losses. As we advocate for change and betterment, let us ensure that our methods and systems honour the sweat and sacrifices of those who walked before us.” He said ‘Respect for our elders and the preservation of our communal assets are not merely social obligations but are intrinsic values that define us.’

He said that such principles foster a society where every individual is valued, and every resource is treated with care. “Our natural resources, the bountiful gifts bestowed upon us, demand our utmost respect and conservation. It is our duty to ensure that these treasures are not squandered but preserved for future generations,” he said.

Stating that he sees an opportunity in youth group for transformation, he said, “An opportunity where our youth can channel their energy, passion, and idealism not just in advocacy, but in constructive engagement and dialogue that bridges gaps and fosters understanding.”

“Your actions, your dedication, and your vision have the power to redefine our future, the future of our younger generation,” he impressed.

‘Youth is the best period of life’
Dr A Nshoga, Director Higher Education, Nagaland, maintained that youth is the best period of life to cherish a big dream full of passion and energy.

“The world is changing very fast and youths are the forefront of the change. The youth always have been a driving force behind social and economic development and they will continue to play a vital role,” he said.

He said that with the increase in global conflicts and the rise of terrorism, young people have a unique perspective and skill-set that can be used to build peace and promote security.

“The generation of today or the youth in present times is growing up in an insecure and unpredictable environment. Whereas on the one hand, there is no death of opportunities, which if seized on the right time can bring a great transformation in the lives of the people; on the other hand, there exists immense risks and challenges, which if not correctly addressed can weaken the youth’s potentialities,” Dr Nshoga stated.

Stating that it is the youth who is going to take forward the legacy of our land and the people to gain new height, he however said, “but when the youths are corrupt and lethargic, the fate of the people and land is bleak and bound to reel in darkness.”

“Therefore, it is very important to tap the unbridled vigour of our youth and give it a right direction,” he said adding that the youth should apply their skills, energy, and creativity to bring a meaningful  change in the society and enable it to function in the best interest of all its people.

‘Create a better future for all’
Sharing greeting, Rengma Hoho president Er Tesinlo Semy said “As a vibrant and dynamic youth of our community, RSZ hold immense potential to shape our future.” Your creativity and innovation can bring about positive change, he said.

He said that the theme of the anniversary commemoration “urges us to think beyond the present, aiming for more inclusive, sustainable and empowering future.”

In a world of constant change, Er Semy said “It is vital to adapt new situation and embrace chance with the grace of God.” He also stressed on the need to work together with unity and collaboration to overcome obstacles.

‘Foster unity and trust among our people’
Sharing solidarity message, Sumi Youth Organization (SYO) President Hikavi H Kinimi said that Naga society is currently undergoing a significant transitional phase, encompassing political, social, and economic realms, as they shift from customary practices to contemporary formal structures.

“In this pivotal period of transition for Naga society, it is imperative to foster unity and trust among our people.  We cannot afford the erosion of trust among us in our shared endeavour,” Kinimi said.

He maintained that bringing together youths from diverse backgrounds and professions for a conclave as such serves as a catalyst for realizing common objectives and addressing critical issues such as youth unrest, cultural preservation, social justice, community development and advocacy for inclusive development.

“It is aptly said that the future belongs to the younger generation and therefore, the involvement of youth voices is paramount in shaping decisions that will impact the trajectory of Naga society and future generations,” he said.

Reaffirming SYO’s unwavering solidarity with RSZ, he said “Together, let us forge a path forward hand in hand, united in our vision for a better tomorrow.”

‘Protect our environment’
Angami Youth Organization (AYO) President, Kesosul Christopher Ltu said that youth organizations have been felt necessary to protect its people and its land. “However, time has changed and our priorities are also changed. No doubt, our land and our people is our priority. But today as a youth organization, we believe that the biggest challenge we are facing today is the depleting environment vis-a- vis climate change,” he said.

In this, he stressed on the need to put a collective effort to protect environment. Our water resources are drying up. Our animal species are getting extinct. Let us take this as a very alarming challenge in the present society today, he added.

In a solidarity message, Lotha Youth Hoho President Limhathung N Yanthan said that the bond of brotherhood and friendship among the Rengmas and Lotha will always remain the same.

Earlier, RSZ president Kenneth Kath delivered presidential address. 

The speakers for thematic session include Dr GH Sema, Commissioner and Secretary Planning & Transformation Department, Nagaland, Ruchunilo Kemp, CEO Kenono Foundation and Development secretary CRBC and Rohan K, Abraham, founder India Trail.

Meanwhile, the new executive council of RSZ for the tenure 2024-2026 was announced by search committee convenor Konyi Seb. Kegwayhun Tep will lead the new team as president.