Quiz #401

1. Which of the following item contribute most to receipts of Nagaland as per the State Budget 2024-25? 
a. State’s Own Tax and Non-Tax Revenue    
b. State’s Share in Central Taxes      
c. Central Assistance (Grants & Loans)    
d. Internal Debt (including WMA from RBI

2. Which of the following accounts for the highest expenditures in Nagaland as per the State Budget 2024-25? 
a. Non-Development Expenditure
b. Servicing of Debt (including repayment of WMA)
c. Development Expenditure (including CSS etc)
d. None of the Above

3.  How many villages have been covered so far under the Nagaland Forest Management Project Society? 
a. 140        b. 144
c. 150        d. 185

4. When is the International Fact-Checking Day observed?
a.  April 1        b. April 2
c. April 3        d. April 4

5. Who won the 29th Naga Wrestling Championship 2024?
a. Kezhaseluo-o Pienyü
b. Rukukhoto Khusoh 
c. Vemele Thingo
d. Venuzo Dawhuo

This contest is open ONLY for students. Previous winners of the Competition are not eligible for  the prize*. 
Cut and send in your answers along with your name, class and name of institution to The Morung Express Office, H/No.4, Duncan Basti, Dimapur.
You can also email the answers to morunglearning@gmail.com or WhatsApp/SMS @ 8787846184

Answers to Quiz #399— 1. 78; 2. A; 3. A; 4. D; 5. B

Winner: Nzanhoni Ovung, Burma Camp, Dimapur  

Each week, one lucky winner will be awarded a gift worth 
Rs. 500. The winner may collect the prize or redeem any product/good worth the same from Joyce Complex, G-Sports, Shop No. 14/15, Second Gate, NH-29, Chümoukedima (Or) Belho Complex, Near Classic Island, PR Hill, Kohima 

*Winner should bring along a valid ID to claim the prize.