Amit Shah accuses Congress of 'murdering' democracy in 1975; calls Emergency a 'stigma'

Amit Shah accuses Congress of 'murdering' democracy in 1975; calls Emergency a 'stigma'

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New Delhi, June 25 (IANS) Union Home Minister Amit Shah, while reflecting on the Emergency era, stated that it is a 'stigma' on the Congress party that could never be removed.

In a tweet, he accused the Congress party of imposing the Emergency on the nation out of the fear of losing power. He stated that in reality, it was the murder of democracy committed by the Congress.

"On this very day in 1975, a family driven by the fear of losing power imposed a state of emergency in the country, depriving the people of their rights and committing the murder of democracy," his tweet read.

Shah mentioned that the Emergency still reflects the mindset of the Congress party, indicating that they could go to any extent to seize power. He claimed that it remains a blemish on Congress that will never fade.

"The imposed emergency, driven by the selfishness of those in power, symbolised the authoritarian mindset of the Congress and remains an indelible stain that will never fade. During those difficult times, millions of people endured various hardships and struggles to revive democracy. I pay heartfelt tribute to all those patriots," Shah said in the tweet.

He further stated that those who fought against the Emergency, enduring all the hardships, will always be remembered as heroes and true patriots.