Legendary footballer Baichung Bhutia ventures into culinary world

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October 28, 2023 (IANSlife) GOAT- The elevated dining and cocktail restaurant brand has recently collaborated with world-renowned Indian footballer Bhaichung Bhutia to launch a premium dining space in the bustling heart of Siliguri. The space is Bhutia’s first foray into a dining experience that delivers a culinary odyssey where the amalgamation of culture and culinary passion creates a vibrant dining tapestry.

Embracing the city’s cultural tapestry, it celebrates the harmonious conjunction of cultures of Siliguri through its vibrant setting that captures the essence of invigorating flavours.

Bhaichung Bhutia said, “As a religious admirer of immersive dining experience, I wanted to curate a gastronomic dining experience that was nothing short of ordinary. With GOAT, we wanted to cultivate a space for the culinary aficionados where they indulge in finely crafted culinary delights, savouring in the sumptuous ambiance and luxurious service, ultimately elevating Siliguri’s dining landscape to exceptional pinnacles.”

The extensive range of culinary offerings sets it apart from the rest. The carefully designed diverse menu is a testament to culinary artistry, delivering an explosion of unique flavours to tantalise the palette.

The restaurant caters to the evolving preferences of the guests by providing a transformative journey from sophisticated brunches to evening drunches. Every culinary preference is accompanied by an array of the city's finest cocktails, poised to levitate the dining journey with a dash of modern refinement.

Elated about this innovative venture Nitin Aggarwal, Managing Director at GOAT said, “In a city yearning for a culinary establishment that truly resonates luxury, it has successfully filled this void by fulfilling this city’s desire for a dining haven, where eminence, exclusivity and extravagance reign supreme. With Bhaichung Bhatia’s vision, it has transcended the realms of traditional restaurants and is crafting unforgettable evocative dining experiences, revolutionising Siliguri’s premium dining scene.”