NTCA urge ECI to reschedule vote counting day

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 18 (MExN): The Nagaland Theological Colleges Association (NTCA) has urged the Election Commission of India (ECI) to reschedule the vote counting day of upcoming by-election of the 43 Tapi AC to a different date so that it does not conflict with the Christian holiday of Sunday.

“We have recently been informed of the Election Commission of India’ decision to schedule vote counting of State Assembly election on 3rd of December, 2023, in various states including the 43 Tapi A/C in Nagaland on Sunday. While we understand the significant of ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process, it is essential to acknowledge that Sunday holds a special place in the hearts and lives of Christian community,” a representation addressed to Secretary, ECI, Sanjeev Kumar stated. 
The schedule for the vote counting day on Sunday may have been done without having any ill intention, however, the NTCA said, however, felt that frequent scheduling of government events on Sunday “makes us to perceive that everything is done intentionally to hurt the sentiments of the Christian community (which we believe is not your intention).”

“Sunday is a day of worship for Christian, and it plays a crucial role in allowing us to practice and strengthen our faith. In light of this, the NTCA kindly request your consideration to reschedule the vote counting to a different day that does not conflict with the Christian holiday of Sunday,” the representation requested.