Are the values and practice of Clean Election necessary for voting upright leaders? Give Reasons

•    Yes, without clean elections the upright leaders will not be elected, not those with money power.

•    In the so-called Nagaland which claims to be 99% Christians, there is only proxy voting and money politics.

•    Can you believe it! Only in Nagaland, the Deputy Chief Minister of a state is jokingly telling the polling agents and GBs to vote on behalf of the entire village. What kind of elections is this? Can we say this is Democracy? What rubbish.

•    Yes. How can you expect upright leaders if the process of electing is compromised or unclean. When the process is corrupt and driven by power, money and other means, you cannot have upright leaders. CLEAN ELECTION IS THE ONLY WAY FOR NAGALAND to have upright leaders. Otherwise, we will remain stuck with the current state of leaders who have compromised on values, principles and integrity. Every other solution is a non starter, THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS GOOD LEADERSHIP IS A CLEAN AND FAIR PROCESS OF SELECTION OF THE LEADERS.

•    Definitely yes. If you want upright leaders, the voters have to exercise clean and fair elections and vote for leaders that stand for values.

•    For better future we need clean elections

•    Listen to the speech of the Home minister of Nagaland, your right answer lies there.