What kind of effect is the increasing number of Naga civil society organisations having on the Nagas? Give Reasons


•    It can never be positive. The sad part is that they all think they are doing it for the betterment of the society, but in practical it is only destroying the Nagas from within.
•    Too many opinion and ideas kills an idea.
•    The outburst of social organisations have no foundation. Many of them are formed for their own selfish interest. It is all about money and donations.
•    The rise of hypocrisy
•    They're behaving and functioning like a shadow government and some even resort to taxing and taking ransoms from citizens of the state
•    The increasing number of Naga civil society organisations shows the immaturity of Naga leaders. They are only thinking for themselves and not the society at large.
•    It is sad to see how Naga society is degenerating. The explosion of civil society organisations is very discouraging and has had a negative impact on our society. Today Nagaland is divided into ENPO, CNTC and TPO and all kinds of organisations have cropped up. This is destroying Nagas.
•    Selfishness
•    Because of the negative impact of our leaders greediness leading to this happens in our current societies.
•    Negative. Instead of bringing the society together and developing hand in hand, it’s just creating more and more divide
•    Very shameful. Only single organisation is enough.
•    Negative impact only, as it can be distinctly seen. Instead of focusing more in public welfare and grievances, they emphasize more in their own individual source and imparting more in their organization growth, making no difference. Later creating more division and violation.
•    On a more serious note majority of these unions and civil societies are a menace. 99% of them, especially students unions. All garbage.

•    The leaders are not like a political leaders, they know the pain of public and make a good decision for the public, will be benefit for the future generations of the Naga society.
•    Qualified educated well verse about surroundings but nowhere to be fit in so atleast to be called one as leader create an organization/union. THAT'S IT.
•    Division and distrust
•    I’ve creating the ultimate civil society. All unions, hoho, momo etc etc has to report to my society - THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL NAGA HOHO.