Are you satisfied with the over-all performance of Nagaland Police? Give Reasons

•    There is some slight overall performance but generally much more needs to be done to improve the effectiveness of the police force in Nagaland.


•    No. There is no doubt that Nagaland police can perform very well if they are given the right training, right leadership and right disciplinary measures. The problem is that Nagaland Police is very inconsistent when it comes to performance. So much changes are needed.

•    Need to Work

•    No. Professionalism in the police force must improve. The training must be updated and the discipline of the force needs overhauling.

•    The Naga police needs to be more professional and discipline which is lacking. They are too raw.

•    They must be trained on fundamental rights.

•    Not doing duty properly

•    Most of them are backdoor appointment done by ministers, hence, poor physical and mental caliber. Further they don't catch extortion cheap gun wielding elements.... So useless

•    A Big NO!! To be precise when I lost a phone in my rental apartment, I lodge an FIR (with required information) because it was my work phone that contains important documents. They said they’ll call after some days but never got any update from them and now it’s already three months. They should have at least updated or are they just operating the office to play carrom, I’m just concerned.

•    No because they must give 100% protection to business owners from multiple illegal taxes. Flush out insurgent camps/operation offices from all urban areas

•    No. Their mindset all about side income and profit making

•    Nagaland police we dnt even need to talk about them even 2years old know about them. They know about themselves. They’re not even worth talking about.

•    what Nagaland police.. Police is a joke in Nagaland.. Has anyone ever tried calling them to report some crime or to ask for help.. If not then plz try.. You will come to know..

•    Good at SP Office; smart at PS & terrorist in highway

•    When it comes to specific cases, the Nagaland Police is exceptional and have proven themselves to be among the best. But on a daily basis the personnel are lazy and lack motivation and direction. There is no will power to perform well on a every day basis.

•    The role of police is to maintain public safety and uphold law and order. But Nagaland police personnel do not understand the first part. You see many undisciplined personnel abusing power. Disciplinary action must be taken. For Nagaland police to improve performance, their discipline must improve. The must know that they are serving the people, not the other way round.

•    Nagas come from a martial ancestry and so when it comes to combat, the Nagaland police is one of the finest. But policing is more than just fighting. Policing work is where Nagaland police is lacking.