Is the Nagaland State Government able to check unabated and multiple taxation? Give reasons.

•    It can, if the government servants are not corrupt.... First they have to be change and check every possible way to change the state.
•    Corruption

•    They themselves are a corrupt entity pursuing a kleptocracy and are hand in glove with the factions deducting salaries at source and creaming off funds for development to maintain their position. Nothing short of a general strike can abate the unspeakable practice of underground and overground extortion. David Ward
•    People in authority are also beneficiary to this directly or indirectly
•    No. When you have all the lazy people becoming freedom fighters so as to live lavishly on other people's hard work, where is the incentive for them to discontinue such a shameless practice? As long as society allows these lazy bums to run around with guns and threatening people to part with their income, no govt will be able to check them. It is tragedy that poor hardworking people of our state have to live a hard life just because the public have allowed these gun toting lazy thieves to masquerade as freedom fighters and tax everyone. It's time for the public to say. 'Enough is enough'! and send them all to jail.
•    The state government is not equipped to check multiple taxation.
•    Govt does not know what's going on. 90 percent by the 24 Prime ministers. What can Rio do? Poor chap
•    There must be top secret means/app of addressing complaints on taxation. 2. The CCTVs if installed must be checked and analysed at least once. 3. Prices of commodities must be prepared with tax and without tax in table column and release in newspaper to sensitise the public. 4. Tax for many has become a matter of convenience to do business. At the receiving end is the public who pays The Price, the market price inclusive of tax. The government has not shown genuine interest to solve this issue.
•    Civil societies are way more ahead comparing to the collection of the taxes from the business owners, Naga council Dimapur, Dimapur chamber of commerce and industries, business association of Nagaland are functioning in the form of Gundaraj manipulating and capturing all the business hub in Dimapur area in the name of UGs.
•    The elected representatives are close with the ultras and does not have respect for rule of law
•    No..they eat the money on the same table
•    A BIG NO".......One cannot clap with a single hand.
•    No. The government also loot the people
•    No they can’t cos they are the biggest tax collectors themselves
•    No, because thieves never catches another thieves.
•    Rather than writing a memorandum to the state government, the CNCCI and DCCI should have met the NPGs. A solution will come not from the government but from the NPGs.
•    It is quite shocking to read the news item where Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) suggested financial maintenance for NPGs until the conclusion of the ongoing political talks. One expected something more rational from such a prestigious intellectual body. To suggest that GOI should provide financial maintenance to the NPGs shows no direction and confusion of thinking.
•    More than ten years ago the NPGs who were part of the reconciliation process of FNR decided to form one Naga national government. If this was supported by the Naga public, the issue of extortion would not be posing so much problems today. One Naga national government is the only way to address multiple taxation and extortion. Our leaders must think of the future and not just the present situation while planning.
•    The recent shutter down across Nagaland is making a lot of noise and headlines. But the leaders of the different chambers of commerce are missing the mark because when it comes to tax and extortion by the different NPGs, the government cannot do much. The NPGs operate outside the purview of the state government. If the leaders are committed they should go and have meetings with the different NPGs to find some solution to the problem of tax. The charter of demand should be addressed to the NPGs and not to the state government.
•    There are many kinds of taxations in Nagaland. Some of these taxes are levied by Naga political groups and some are by government agencies and some by unions and individuals. To tackle these taxes, it cannot be clubbed up. The state government is duty bound to tackle and prevent unauthorised taxes being levied by its agencies and by unions, associations and individuals. The tax levied by the Naga political groups must be addressed with the groups, and not with the government.
•    Nagaland is an Indian puppet state. A puppet is inanimate and cannot function without a string attached to it.
•    Remove the options "NO" and "OTHERS."
•    It could be a treat for them from the govt. after lending help in elections
•    Isn't "multiple taxation" "extortion"? Let's stop using euphemism. It's purely extortion.
•    The government loots you wearing a suit, while the UGs loot us in mask! Thieves of different kind, but it's nature is the same take from public!