Are you satisfied with the standard of journalism in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    The journalism among the nagas society has been doing it applaudable for the past 4 5 years

•    Unabated Paid News has increased unchecked with the growth of electronic and digital media. Paid news violated basic ethics of journalism. With Paid News the notion of independent press does not exist. How can the standard of journalism improve? There are many channels charging money to cover news. This must be checked.
•    Incomplete information and unnecessary sensationalisation
•    Too submissive.
•    To be fair there are a few quality journalists in the print media. But when it comes to digital media, the basic of journalism is ignored and there is rampant sensationalising with no ethical guidelines.
•    Journalism in Nagaland is all about who will publish first without ground reports and full details on the incident.
•    No ,they just report book cover and no investigative journalism.
•    Everything is good except they leave MLAs and high officials doing whatever they want without question... They fear media likewise media should approach them more about the situation, ask if their opinion, etc.. that way there is transparency and a connection between the people and it's leaders
•    Is there any?
•    It should not be biased and focus more on investigation journalism.
•    There seems to be some standard and quality control among newspapers but when it comes to digital channels there is no such standard. The channels need better editors for quality control and verification of news before it is aired.
•    Read, Read, and then Read some more!
•    I only like Atu Jamir,Sungkum,kekhriesenuo
•    I am genuinely curious about Mr. Adona. Where did he do his journalism? There's a difference between journalism and blabbering. Don't come at me. I don't find him to be a professional one in this field.
•    Everyone has their own style of journalism, and as long as it doesn't tarnish someone else's reputation, I don't think it's valid to judge a journalist based on their approach. Professionalism encompasses various styles, and while his approach may include humor and conversational tone, as long as they maintain accuracy, ethics, and uphold journalistic principles, their professionalism remains unquestionable.