• Frogs in the Boiling Pot
    Aung Naing Oo After more than 40 years of military rule, the Burmese people are now like the proverbial frogs being slowly boiled to death in a pot. If cold water is heated slowly, frogs gradually acclimat
  • How to stay young
    Rikhyo K LothaIn this world, everyone wish to live long and to stay young; nobody denies it. If you enjoy your work and take an active interest in what is going around you, you are assured of happy long life an
  • Drugs are not child’s play
    K Nzimongo NgullieD.C  DimapurSince 1998, with various themes, 26th June is observed as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to campaign in an effort to increase public awareness ab
  • Confession on a summer ride
    Jungtina JamirIt was a Sunday and a friend of mine had come to take me for a ride. God had intentions that day. The afternoon was just waking up from the heavy showers it had in the morning. It was beautiful.&n
  • Dreamer
    King K KI’m just a dreamer, dreaming my life away, I’m just a dreamer, dreaming for a better day. Excuse me, oh sorry I was just lost.This is how it goes spend half of my day, dreaming or lost either way I
  • Declaration of a Dry State – Success or Failure?
    Tokato G. SumiPresident, DSSU41 Church Colony, Circular RoadDimapurIndeed, it was a fact and also an awesome response by the observer that Prohibition is a boon for the smugglers and sale of spurious liquor (na
  • Reweaving the Fabric of Naga Society
    Tezenlo ThongWeaving was a pivotal part of the Naga culture, and every average woman knew the art of traditional weaving. Our foreparents grew cotton, spun it into yarn and dyed it. Then, our honorable ladies w
  • Symptoms of Substance Abuse
    N. Longshio YanthanShalom Rehab, Chumukedima“A stitch in time saves nine” This is true even in the case of drug abuse. Experts on this problem are of the opinion that the abuse of drugs is spreading rapidly
  • Child labour! An hour needed for a change
    I met a South African girl sold as a domestic servant. She was brutally abused, enslaved and starved by her masters for years. After her release and rehabilitation, she now dreams of becoming a pilot.Don’t yo
  • Why am I unhappy?
    Atongla RothrongNo one should ever ask themselves – Why am I unhappy? The question carries within it a virus that will destroy everything. If we ask this question, it means we want to find out what makes us h
  • How to power the kick of passion
    The trick to keep scoring against corrosive issues facing us today, people, is to keep playing long after the stipulated stoppage-time. Stop, and they play against us......Scientist still haven’t established
  • A series of hideous events
    Menangyala AierEver been in situations that are disgusting and dreadful, yet evoke laughter later on when you think about it? I think the most incredibly revolting series of incidents experienced by my friends
  • Attacked on Christian’s faith with fiction in disguise
    Vetshete DouloWhether we have gone through the novel’ Da Vinci Code’ or seen the movie or not, the central focal point’s aggravation is very clear. “The marriage of Jesus with Mary Magdalene and having
  • Reflections on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
    Abraham LothaBy now the delegates who were at the Fifth Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues will have reached home and I wonder what might be happening to their lives. Did they take home a me
  • Some philosophical blabber on Dimapur Traffic
    Al Ngullie*This bluish Maruti Esteem roared out from somewhere behind and screamed right through two vehicles ahead, one driving up from the opposite direction. As the Maruti Esteem sped forward in a bid to ove
  • Where are you sending your Children?
    Nehemiah RongSeeking for admission in school or college becomes a big headache for both the children and parents especially after matriculation and intermediate examination. Tugging a war for choice of college,
  • My writers’ soul
    Atongla RothrongWriting is one of the most solitary activities in the world. Once in a while I sit down to write, gaze out on the unknown sea of my soul, and see a few islands- ideas that have developed and whi
  • Nagas’ Online News Website serving great purpose
    R.B. Thohe PouWow! Today we can learn all the news happening in Nagalim (Nagaland) with a click of our mouse – whether we are in Nagalim, India or abroad. Once due to lack of information technology developmen
  • World Cup ’06 to bring changes
    Dr Thamsing D LamkangI received an email from Alex Diaz Rebeiro who was a former world champion, driver formula-one, and the Chaplain for team Brazil. He reminded the Global Chaplains to pray for them so that;
  • Walking the heights of reporting
    Al NgullieYou gotta try it, people, mornings at 6:00 am is beautiful – especially for sleeping. Anyway, I woke up at around 6:15 by virtue that some overloaded truck had spluttered and gasped to a stop, meter