How would you rate the standard of sports in the Nagaland Olympics 2024? Give Reasons


•    Overall the standard of sports in the Nagaland Olympics was just average. Better coaches are needed and also the players should be playing all year around. The district sports officials should encourage more competition in the district level. Definitely better facilities are needed. It was embarrassing to see the football finals where one team was wearing pips.
•    I should say Average, however it's improving so that a good thing and i hope next Olympic will be better 
•    Average coz no shooting competition
•    The myth that Nagas are naturally talented in soccer was shattered. It was pathetic. Almost village level. The coaches need to guide the raw talent. Hope the state government will take to heed these constructive criticisms.
•    Given the economy of our state, no complaint?

•    Its good that the state government is organising the Nagaland Olympics. But this is not going to improve sports in Nagaland. To really uplift the standard the government should focus on the district level. The selection process in the district should be good. Only then at the state level, good and potential sportspersons will emerge.
•    Below average, no live telecast, only few 100-200 audience
•    Below average
•    Pathetic 
•    Little below average because no sports stars from Nagaland earns anything worthy of their talents.
•    I don’t think the standard will even meet Delhi University level. It was very sad to watch some of the matches. It was below par and they should have been screened out during the district trials.
•    More rhetoric than factual.