Is the Nagaland government’s music initiative encouraging growth and development of musicians and artists? Give Reasons.

•    There are still loads to be done but yes, a step in the right direction can never go wrong, especially with the incredibly musical Naga communities that are given platforms.
•    Yes, with TaFMA there has been much improvement in the music industry. There has been a lot of recognition both in India and internationally. The initiatives are worthy.
•    As their music is so soothing and good
•    Yes, Despite some challenges there's hope for change in the future, buoyed by the initiatives undertaken by the Nagaland government to support and promote indigenous talent. Through various programs and initiatives, there's a glimmer of optimism that the barriers faced by Naga music artists from backward tribes will be addressed, paving the way for a more inclusive and vibrant music scene. By harnessing the collective efforts of government support and community advocacy, there's potential for transformative change that empowers all Naga musicians to thrive and share their gifts with the world.
•    There are still loads to be done but yes, a step in the right direction can never go wrong, especially with the incredibly musical Naga communities that are given platforms.
•    Yes, you can see a lot of growth in the music industry. In fact this is the only area where the government seems to be investing wholeheartedly. Even though Tafma has been around since 2019 and with some much investments and exposure, there has not been one Naga artist that has really made it big or caught the eye of the international market. This raises questions about Naga talent. Or should Naga artist concentrate more on tradition and originality? What is the point of so much investment if there is no original output? The problem is not tafma, it is our Naga artists.
•    GOOD what else do we choose a government for. Good Administration and People Welfare are the sole reason government exists. Way to go Nagaland Government

•    No, the approach is not good. We see the same people and same ideas being repeated all over again.
•    The only person benefiting are the organisers aka govt agents and except Kohima and Dimapur, there is no musician in other districts, this has been proven by the fact that only the same old faces on stage since the beginning. Have never seen any govt sponsored musical programs being held outside Kohima and Dimapur. Any talented artist musicians, from Mon Tuensang or any other remote Districts are non-existent.
•    Music industry is not balance. The real artist are always left out without proper exposure since they dont have VIP link. Only those musician who have proper link with VIP get chances
•    No music infrastructure is avail by the government of Nagaland.
•    A genuine concern that a large section of talented people are overlooked in favour of familiar faces being promoted on every event. We appreciate that TAFMA has initiated numerous events yet it needs to restructure its position by highlighting inclusivity and bringing artist from all districts and tribes extracting real talents and skills, not inclining to personal and political affiliations. People of Nagaland posses immaculate talent and witnessing TAFMA'S endeavour from 2019, we have observed the channeling of initiatives revolving around a specific group of people which is absolutely disheartening. It is crucial and most important to seek, embrace and nurture new artists. Growing new artists and musicians weekly/monthly/yearly would contribute so much to our collective Art and Music. We must burden ourselves for Growth and Development, not just organising for few! Because with the right support and direction, we can achieve great strides which I believe, the government also aims for same.
•    Festival like this only sounds systems and hotel industry get profit.
•    Ism in music too
•    Just wasting state's coffer
•    I'd rather want the state government to take concern and gave more efforts in the development of infrastructures in Nagaland.
•    Total waste of public money

•    There is no originality in music. The Naga musicians need to realise that looking into Naga culture and tradition is the ticket to becoming a recognised musicians. This is what will make them unique.
•    Initiative to pocket money.
•    Fund the music schools and teachers, give instruments on subsidy, reach out to the grassroots, create platforms for newcomers.
•    Do something about the unemployment crisis and about the basics like good roads, clean water, regular electricity, good education in remote areas, better medical facilities with Doctors on station and not forgetting the taxation problems. I support musicians and artists but they can wait. Period.
•    Apparently, Nagaland government’s initiative is doing constantly great in bridging music networks with the rest of the world. This may be a good beginning indeed!!! Emerging of many full time artistes and musicpreneurs who makes a living and sustains through music and arts is the real deal for the music industry in particular and Nagaland state in general. For the matter of growth and development, Funds and Opportunities can never be wasted on the indiscipline people and unrelated section of the fraternity/society.
•    Me along with all my friends are all pro guitar player but we can’t depend on this skill for pleasing our empty stomach so have to opt for another skills.
•    Yes but goes too extreme.
•    The big stages are provided but artists have to expense 3-4 times more than what they get to perform a song in such stage. As far as I know there's no way you can manage yourself with music career in Nagaland.
•    Yes but only for the spoons a.k.a chamchas n relatives of the people on top... Lots of raw talents in Naga society yet only the same people get the opportunity and platform. For any kind of opportunity in Nagaland you either need to know someone influential or be a spoon.
•    Nagaland Government initiative seems to be focused mostly on the same artists/musicians. Nagas, no doubt possess a pool of talents not only in music but in other areas too. However, I feel the concerned department and stakeholders, should come up with a dedicated project where they Scout, Train, and Groom talented and young musicians/artists from all areas of Naga lands. Give 3-5 years to train-groom-grow, and continue developing newer music/artists/musicians. Not only to focus on the artist of Western music and genre but to start giving a quality platform to ethnic Naga tunes, and folksongs and make it a globalized event. It's no doubt that Westerners can do much better in their music, however, we need to start realizing that our ancestral Naga tunes and music are much unexplored and there is still scope to revive it and own our music and stand apart. In a quick-reel world, where most music feels the same. Naga traditional tunes, yodel, and ethnic styles can make a big difference from local to globalized development.
•    The growth of interest in music among the youths of Nagas today is enormous. I am not a musician myself, yet a good listener, and its amazing to see such level of progress and improvement in music industry. I only hope the government takes further steps to encourage and promote the undermined talents that myriads of youths have in Nagaland.
•    Songs and singing is part of Naga tradition. Most Nagas generally have good voices. But this does not necessarily make us good musicians. Naga singers are good in doing cover music, but when it comes to original compositions, we suck. This is where we are failing. Any initiative should focus on developing originality. It is embarrassing when outsiders point this out to the Naga music scene.
•    Give chances to all who are talented of culture race background region or community in that way it will progress of not at this present trend no chance