Is the state of Naga literature growing in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    Modernity has caused Nagas to embrace education and adapt globalization which ultimately enhance individual's intelligence to write as many poems and stories. I mostly appreciate those who researched on Naga history and brief out information for general readers as awareness. Because many Nagas are neglecting one's own culture and proudly adopting western lifestyle. We have also witnessed that almost every tribe in Nagaland have their own written Bible. That vividly shows Nagas are enhancing on Literature and writings.

•    No. It has not been growing. The government has been focused only on handicrafts and music. They do not realise that literature is the foundation through which Naga culture and tradition flows.
•    No. The number of published books are increasing but there is no quality control. The publishers need to be more stringent about what can be published and what cannot.
•    No. Much work needs to be done in the field of literature. Just published books is not sufficient. There is a need to encourage literary discussions and public conversations. Literature is not just about books. It is a way of thinking.
•    Not on the story books of school education.

•    I cannot be certain to say whether Naga Literature is booming or still at its low ebb. There are academic and popular writings of which Naga writers are not at exponential high nor it is static. What I would comment is that we need to encourage writers and academicians to invest more of their time to writing.
•    Yes and no! It is growing but a cheap pace. As Easterine Kire rightly pointed out that everyone is writing on anything and everything with no quality control. Understand that publishers also need to profit from their works, but they really need to monitor and put out some guidelines on quality writing. Publishing cheap works simply encourage cheaper writing to flourish. Kire's words on The Morung Express' recent article on the Naga Literary scene holds so much truth and revelations. "Secret to good writing is humility". Today's 'Hyper Confident' generation needs to heed Kire's words. The secret to good writing as well as reading is Humility! Words from The Mother!