What measures should the Government enforce to control illegal coal mining in Nagaland? Give Reasons

Regular inspection of mines: 

•    Who will do the regular inspection of mines. I dont think that government of Nagaland even knows how many times there are. Why are we always waiting for some disaster to happen. This is foolish thinking.

Engage scientific method: 
•    Scientific methods and respect for workers human rights of safety and clean life over greed to earn more money deterrent jail for every accident, injury and death as minimum punishment.

More stringent on issuing permit:


•    Coal mining should be banned in Nagaland. Look at the environmental hazards that is causing. There are untold stories of suffering caused by polluted water and other risks that coal mining has created.
•    The solution to this problem is simple. Ban coal mining in Nagaland. Only a small percentage of people are benefiting from it.