BLOOM BAZAAR: ‘Nagaland in the stage of blooming’

Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio seen with the loan beneficiaries during the formal inauguration of the Bloom Bazaar at the Heritage Kohima on September 30. (DIPR Photo)

Morung Express News
Kohima | September 30

Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiphiu Rio on Saturday exuded happiness that the seeds and the vision of ‘Team Nagaland’ is now in the stage of blooming. Addressing the formal inauguration of the Bloom Bazaar at the Heritage, Kohima on September 30, he said as “Team Nagaland, we work together and we see it in the stage of blooming.”

Knowing the aspiration and eagerness of the youth, he said that, “we have to translate their hopes and dreams.” That’s how, he highlighted that Nagaland as a tribal state, with all their festivals came to be known as the ‘Land of Festivals.’

In this regard, he also recalled how Road Shows was conceptualised to preserve our culture, songs and dances, Naga wears, handloom, arts and music culminating in the Hornbill Festival, which he added, was once a state affair, but went on to become a national affair and is now an international affair.

All of these festivals, events, functions, church services, etc are decorated with beautiful flowers, he pointed out. Given the Naga women’s passion for flowers, he also remarked that the wife is spending more time with flowers than with the husband. However, referring to his wife, he also said, “I knew her passion and how she could encourage flower growers from small individual homes to group level and now, we have come to this commercial level.”

It may be noted here that the Nagaland Flower Growers Society was formed in the year 2006 with the lady wife of the Chief Minister, Kaisa Rio as the first president.

Rio further emphasized that, “If we can grow good quality flowers and also know what to grow when, it will generate employment.” “Our ladies are doing excellently in growing flowers,” he commented in this regard while also lauding their skills in flower arrangement wherein several foreigners have also remarked that their “flower arrangement is too good.”

Rio congratulated IDAN under the leadership of Abu Metha for the new and creative initiative. “Let us work together and ensure that we grow from strength to strength to build a prosperous Nagaland”, he expressed.

‘Bloom Bazaar aims to celebrate the Naga way of life’
Given the Naga women’s passion for flowers which is evident in every Naga home, Advisor to Chief Minister & Chairman, IDAN, Abu Metha said, “Bloom Bazaar aims to celebrate the Naga way of life, and to showcase to our friends all over the world what Nagaland has to offer.” He said that it is not only about promoting flowers, but also creativity.

He thanked the Chief Minister for being the inspiration, the vision and the guidance behind what is being exhibited at Bloom Bazaar while also highlighting that it is happening because of the youngsters, entrepreneurs and flower growers, which will boost the economy and generate employment.

By conservative estimate, he said, Bloom Bazaar was able to generate 450 employment this weekend alone. Espousing hope that it will continue to grow, he said, “we want Nagaland to flower and Nagas to bloom.”

In his short speech, Reny Wilfred, IAS, Joint Secretary IDAN highlighted about the number of meetings held with financial institutions to upscale the flower industry in the state. He also gave highlights on the provision of the loans for the flower growers. With these interventions, he stated confidence that it will bring more changes in the flower industry and also help Bloom Bazaar to grow by leaps and bounds.

Sungtinaro Jamir, President of Nagaland Flower Growers Society said flowers symbolises peace, love and happiness. She also highlighted that the Society was formed in the year 2006 wherein the lady wife of the Chief Minister, Kaisa Rio was the first president. She said it was formed with the main objective to promote foliages and flowers at all levels.

Stating that floriculture has great scope for employment opportunities, she further expressed gratitude to IDAN for providing loans to the flower growers.

Mention may be made here that a total of 12 flower growers received loans of Rs 3 lakh, Rs 5 lakh, Rs 1.9 lakh and Rs 7 lakh from Northeast Small Finance Bank, Bank of Baroda and Nagaland Rural Bank respectively. The beneficiaries include Dzuvisenuo Chuzho (Rs 3 lakh), Keviyiephreu Pienyü (Rs 5 lakh), Vimezhonu Yiene (Rs 5 lakh), Neihovono Pucho (Rs 5 lakh), Neikeduonuo Dzüvichü (Rs 3 lakh), Pekruvinuo Pienyü (Rs 5 lakh), Sabino Peseyie (Rs 3 lakh), Temsuyangla Pongen (Rs 5 lakh), Vesapralu (Rs 5 lakh), Loreni Natso (Rs 5 lakh), Yashiwala (Rs 1.9 lakh) and Ratolu Chakhesang (Rs 7 lakh).

During the occasion, Lilium bulbs from Netherlands totalling about 3000 were also handed over to the flower growers. Highlights of the event included special number by Mengu Soukhrie and Kedo Peseyie while I Changsang, Under Secretary, IDAN proposed the vote of thanks. Neingulie Nakhro chaired the event.