• Reminiscence of a Manipuri Princess
    Newmai News Network (NNN): Being born in a royal family, tell me the advantages that you had in your life? Binodini: I am first of all proud of my heritage. Whatever I had achieved or what I am today is due to, say, not in a royal family but being born in Manipur. The royal family is very much part of the heritage. You see, life of the Meiteis and the Meitei society itself is a big institution of art and culture. So being born and brought up in a royal family is much closer to this ins
  • The Volcano beneath South Sudan
    The referendum for independence of South Sudan concluded on January 15th.  The popular mandate catapulted a collective dream toward the much awaited freedom, off the yoke of a presumptively terrorist state Sudan. The referendum came exactly five years after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was accorded in 2005 between a cornered Government of Sudan and South Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement. A majority on this planet joins the South Sudanese people in their moment
  • The supreme supergroup that never was
    There's something tantalising and frustrating about the idea of musical megastars wandering around recording studios, passing each other in the corridors and toilets, chatting away, but not collaborating. What would have happened if they had got together? For instance, when Pink Floyd were recording The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967 in Studio 3 at Abbey Road and The Beatles were in Studio 2 recording Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, what would have resulted from them getting
  • Tunisian revolution & its fallout
    Hours after a group of stone-throwing youth braved frantic police beatings and confronted grey fumes of teargas outside the Interior Ministry building in Tunis, the unthinkable happened. As darkness thickened on January 14 and agonising uncertainty gripped the Tunisian capital, word was out that Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, well entrenched dictator for 23 years, had fled. For hours, Mr. Ben Ali's plane flew in the Mediterranean night sky, desperately seeking a place to land. France, the fo
  • Healthcare in disarray
    A series of papers recently published by The Lancet points to worrisome trends in the management of India’s primary healthcare system, particularly in the area of infectious diseases. Clearly, the country’s march to economic growth has not had the desired impact on healthcare. Despite the right to health being recognised as a fundamental right, quality healthcare remains elusive for the deprived sections of our society. With barely three per cent of the gross domestic produ
  • Frontier state? The other side & larger issues at stake
    The demand for frontier state did come quite as an unprecedented surprise and caught many people impromptu. At a time when fragile peace is dawning and reconciliation progressing, this demand came as an abrupt shock at the most inopportune time. But what could be that grave reason behind that merit asking for statehood by ENPO. On close observation, the entire issue revolve around economic backwardness rather than political.Now the question is who is responsible for this underdevelopme
  • To save the tiger, save jungle
    Last Tuesday it was Gurgaon. On Wednesday, it happened on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. On Thursday, it was near Guwahati. By the time January is out, the toll can only be anticipated to multiply. On an average three to four leopards are mercilessly beaten to death every week by bloodthirsty villagers. Some die in accidents such as the cub that got run over by a train in Assam. But mostly the big cats are mauled to death by gruesome methods. Having encircled and trapped the terrified c
  • Urgent need to focus on agro chemical industry
    Government of India has once again increased the price of petrol, which obviously indicates that it is clueless about the strategies for maintaining the price of petrol and other petroleum fuel in India.  The Indian chemical Industries should realize that such conditions only point to the grim ground realities and  it would be a calculated risk to build the future chemical industries in India largely based on petro chemical feedstock. There is urgent need to focus growth plan
  • Sudan needs English to build bridges between North & South
    Southern Sudanese women receive skills training at the Abu Shouq internally displaced people's camp north of Darfur. (Photograph: ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN/AFP) Last week the population of South Sudan went to the polls to decide whether to separate from the North, potentially becoming Africa's newest country. The people and politicians of the South have been building up to this moment since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in 2005, ending decades of civil war.The question
  • Africa: Security & development for the 21st century
    One thing is certain for Africa in the twenty-first century: its strategic importance in the world will continue to climb, for reasons such as resources, markets, and continued concerns over weak governance allowing for a host of international challenges - terrorism key amongst them. What is uncertain for Africa is at what pace and consistency the continent will be able to control its own destiny rather than be subject to the ebb and flow of foreign interest. The need for ‘sustai
  • Telangana echo in Darjeeling hills
    It is well understood that the Telangana agitation is an inspiration for similar movements in other parts of India. The 26-day bandh called by the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) in the Darjeeling district is an ongoing case in point. The announced aim is to force the central government to ‘clarify' its position on the demand for a Gorkhaland State in the wake of the Srikrishna Committee's report on the future of Telangana. It bears reiteration that the Committee's real recommendat
  • Tunisia: the first Arab revolution
    Every July 23 for the past 58 years Egypt, my country of birth, has celebrated its “July revolution” that overthrew King Farouk and ended the monarchy and British occupation once and for all. It was no revolution: it was a coup staged by young Army officers.And so it has been with a series of “revolutions” around the Arab world in which a succession of military men went on to lead us in civilian clothes — some kept the olive drabs on — and rob genera
  • Has Berlusconi reached the end of the road?
    With their typical and incurable penchant for over dramatisation, the Italian media and many political commentators had dubbed December 14, 2010 “the day of reckoning”. Many firmly believed that, on that fateful day, the Berlusconi Government would lose a vote of confidence and be compelled to resign, thus finally ushering in a new political era.The Prime Minister instead, using tactics which many decried as “shameful”, was able to attract a sufficient number of
  • Boy, 13, the public face of Australian floods
    Jordan Rice was on the way back from a trip to buy a school uniform for the new term when, standing on the roof of his mother's car at a little after two o'clock on the afternoon of January 10, he made his choice. That he couldn't swim and must have been terrified as floodwaters rose around him, his mother and little brother only made the 13-year-old's decision more exceptional.By the time a rescuer had swum to the family's car, Jordan's mind was made up. “Save my brother first,&
  • Prophetic message to the world
    While fasting and praying at Healing centre Pughoboto on 19/11/2010, time 9:36 am God revealed His prophetic message through His servant, the prophetic conveying to the world. Motto: Mathew 5:9. Deut 12:31/ 32:24. Mabakkuk 2:2-3. Amos 3:7.The word of God expressly says:-1.    “The Lord has given all his hidden wisdom and knowledge. Great and mighty things to man of this earth, to use it. He has given authority”.2.    “It is not through ma
  • The losing battle against corruption
    There are very few people in India who believe that New Delhi, as it is presently organised, is either capable or willing to go the whole distance to bring to book those who are suspected of having committed irregularities in handling state funds. This has particular reference to the scams related to the 2G spectrum and the conduct of the Commonwealth Games. The much-talked-about action plan to tackle corruption on a war footing appears to be a non-starter, going by the fact that there
  • ‘For unified lim and glory of Nagas’
    Ever since its inception, the Naga Students` Federation, keeping in mind its core objective i.e. ‘For unified lim and glory of Nagas’, have been struggling hard to bring the Naga family together. Towards this end, the federation has been venturing out to every nook and corner of the Naga areas and reaching out to every section of the Naga society in order to send a message to the world that Nagas are one and we do not recognize the artificial geographical boundaries that di
  • Census 2011 and Disability Making an ‘Invisible Minority’ visible
    Numbers are an interesting thing. More often than not, we do not even realise their significance or their impact on our lives. When policy makers of the country sit down to allocate resources for issues, they go strictly by the book. If there is no authentic data on the percentage of population living with disability, resource allocation will not be proportional. For nearly 50 years after Independence, there was no authentic data on the percentage of population with disability. And the
  • Solution To Frontier Nagaland Problems Lie In Nagaland And Not In Delhi
    FEELING has no Form or Color and therefore Feeling is not easily seen unless it comes out in visible Form. A man may feel angry but others would not know his anger unless it turns into action, a woman may feel very happy but unless she laughs, others would not know she is happy.The erstwhile Tuensang-Mon people must have felt sidelined in Nagaland’s economic journey. Rarely do people feel bad out of nothing; the Tuensang-Mon people must really have valid reasons for being less th
  • Indigenous Peoples' Involvement in National Politics
    Summary, Strategies, Recommendations General SummaryIndigenous peoples in all regions face similar problems concerning their involvement in national politics. The summary of this current state of things is as follows: 1. Most indigenous peoples are marginalized. Their land and resources are being systematically and unjustly taken away, mainly by governments, multinational companies, and business groups. They also have little or no access to public services such as education, health and