Dimapur CMO for observing guidelines as cases rise sharply

Dimapur, July 28 (MExN): The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Dimapur, Dr Tiasunep Pongener has appealed to citizens of Dimapur to observe all guidelines and measures implemented by government agencies, municipal and village councils, churches and other authorities, in order to save the state from any major catastrophe. 

A press release from the Dimapur CMO said that while there has been mortality especially among older age groups and the increase in number of positive cases is “alarmingly” on the rise.

Investigation and contact tracing are ongoing and the team from the CMO’s office has been collecting data on the field at any time of the day, he said further seeking support and cooperation from citizens at this crucial stage. 

By doing so, the spread of virus could be controlled and contained to certain extend, “so as to buy some time” before a vaccine or an effective drug is found. 

It may come in a few months time, he opined. 

Most deaths linked to business activities 

The CMO also observed with concern that “most of the deaths were linked to persons involved in businesses and shops.”

This, he underscored, was indication that the “transmission must have occurred in the market places and shopping areas.” 

As a result the lockdown has been imposed, to curb the spread of the virus, he added. 

Consequently, Dr Pongener emphasised on the need to wear masks, follow all precautionary measures, social distancing, dos and don’ts, use of sanitizers and other forms of hygiene practices recommended by various concerned authorities. 

He also requested citizens to avoid mass gatherings or venturing out unless in the case of emergencies.

“If each of us practices these simple fundamentals then it will take a long way in containing the spread and maintain a controllable state of cross-infection and transmission,” the release stated.