Do you agree with the view that land issue is the biggest hurdle for development in Nagaland? Give reasons

•    Yes, the view that land issues are the biggest hurdle for development in Nagaland is supported by various factors. The conflict between Assam and Nagaland, particularly related to land encroachment, has been a longstanding issue, leading to violent incidents and disputes over border territories. The unique land holding system in Nagaland, where every inch of land is owned by individuals, poses challenges for developmental activities. Additionally, the hindrance faced in projects like the National Highway due to land issues further emphasizes the significance of this problem. The need for a state law to address land issues highlights the complexity and critical nature of this obstacle to development in Nagaland. Therefore, based on the information provided, it is evident that land issues, including ownership disputes and unique land holding systems, present significant barriers to development in Nagaland.
•    Overpriced land and multiple paperwork
•    Right to development must be implemented
•    Not only the compensation, but acquire the govt property like dept quarter, etc. Therefore it will be good if the govt of Nagaland has taken. Necessary step.
•    Yes, indeed it is the most trending issues in Nagaland. There are lots of factors, and differences that we need to see it.
•    One of the biggest defeats in every protected area for development. Without a doubt Nagaland is regressing because of that. Of all, now is upgradation of Dimapur Railway Station in loop.
•    YES because landownership is absolute and they ask too much in exchange. NO because we cannot only put the blame squarely on landowners, other factors like corruption, manipulation and mismanagement are also equally a major factor.

•    No. The political and economic class of Nagaland have found a very convenient scapegoat to blame for their failings to develop Nagaland. The people must know that Nagaland is the only state where the land belongs to the people. This must be protected at all cost. The moment we give the land to the government, we will lose everything. The land is our wealth and we should use it wisely. Dont let the government hoodwink you.
•    No. The traditional land holding system in Nagaland is relevant to Naga culture. This should not be destroyed. The government is not willing to compensate and therefore using development as a guise to get land free of cost. Land is not the hurdle for development, rather it is the bad policies and bad leadership that has failed to develop Nagaland.
•    No. Nagas must protect their land at all cost.
•    No. The government cannot say that the land issue is the biggest hurdle for development in Nagaland. Actually, land is the biggest asset of the Nagas. It’s just that the government does not know how to utilise it.
•    No. The Nagaland government is trying its best to change the land holding system and this is why it keeps saying that the land holding is a hurdle for development. This is the view of the elites in Nagaland. The public should not be brainwashed by this kind of propaganda.
•    Ownership over 50% of commercially usable land in the state by handful of people on one hand and lack of awareness that the Land in Nagaland can also be lawfully leased is another. UOI gave a lolly pop of Inner line safeguards without there being any risks to Nagaland culture and heritage with sole motive to keep Naga backward and deny them development in collusion with state politicians who want to stay without audit and scrutiny in the guise of insurgency which has served as shield.
•    No. Land is the only asset that Nagas possess and this is our strength which is passed on to the next generation. How can land come in the way of development? This is absurd.
•    No. Only fools will say that land issue is the biggest hurdle for development in Nagaland. Our politicians are so foolish to utter these words. Nagas are the most fortunate people because our land belongs to us, not to the government. We must safeguard our land no matter what.
•    Not at all. How can the indigenous land holding system of the Nagas be the biggest hurdle for development. This is insane. Nagas have survived because of our land and the state government is trying to con the people by saying that the land issue is the hurdle for development. In fact the state of corruption is the hindrance to development of Nagaland.
•    No. Open your eyes Naga politicians and leaders. Let us not blame the Naga land system for all our woes. Let us examine our own selves. The high corruption and inability to implement projects and schemes is the reason why Nagaland is not developing.
•    No. The land we have inherited from our parents is God given land. It is a blessing we have received. It should be utilised wisely.
•    No. Only fools and idiots will say that land issue in Nagaland is the biggest hurdle for Nagaland.
•    Land ownership has nothing to do with development. USA as a nation, is one of those countries where land owners are very strict when it comes to privacy and trespassing, but they are still the most developed nation in the world.
•    No that's silly. It's Governing Corruption. That needs fixing first.
•    We don't have policy for development and making excuses that there are no land. We need political will for development. Land is never an issue.
•    No never, just imagine the corruption and taxes levied to the citizens by all the factions for more than a decades. And the ministers and his secretaries copying the style of indirect taxes.
•    When the government does not have a plan and a vision for developing Nagaland, they should not pass on the blame to the landowners. Who does not want development? Everyone wants development. The landowners can also see that the politicians and government are not serious about development. Then why should they give their land only to be misused.
•    No. The corrupt mind and faulty policy is the main hurdle for development. In the past, so many land was given by the landowners for development, but the land was misused. There are so many examples. Land was given for the university, but look at the state of the university today. Land was also given for economic development, but instead they became private property to make hotels. The public is not stupid, they know what is going on.
•    Corruption at all levels is the biggest hurdle for development in Nagaland. Politicians and their relatives are the biggest beneficiaries of existing system of corruption. Strange that the very corrupt people looting the state and diverting public money to their pockets are trying to distract the public with this narrative of land issue being the biggest hurdle. Yes, land is an issue in Nagaland. But corruption and nepotism of our politicians have always been the BIGGEST hurdle for development in the state.

•    Ever since statehood all the schemes that has been given to the state has been pocketed by few individuals. The income inequality is at an all time high, society has been divided into tribes, faction, class etc. And now you want to put the blame all these lack of development on the middle class and the poor who own little fraction of land handed over to them through their efforts of their past generation. We can start drilling all the natural resources tomorrow and who will benefit..??? The sons and daughters of the ministers and the bureaucrats and their left and right assistants. But what's more saddening is the fact that the middle classes and the poor sections of the society doesn't realize this, and even if they hear about it they choose to ignore it out of fear that their future will become more stringent than before.
•    Apart from the land, there's also need for building institutions that follow strong governance. Secondly the Climate change from region to region makes it difficult for sustainable industrialisation and development.
•    Even if all the land is given to the government, our politicians and bureaucrats will not be able to develop Nagaland. They only think for themselves. They have no vision, no policy and they are unable to implement. This is the real condition of our society. So please, land issue is not the obstacle. Let us identify the problem correctly.
•    I want to complete it, no company is able to pay hefty taxation. Leave alone outsiders, our own people are not spared. For me that is the biggest problem.
•    The biggest issue is tax. 
•    The Legislatures are the hurdles.
•    Worse enemy for Development is Land owner issue and Taxation
•    It’s illegal tax. Improve your question standards.
•    Land is never a hurdle, it is always a blessing. The landowners can also be reasonable. But the government needs to change it attitude and approach. Rather than trying to use force and bully its way, the government should win the confidence of the landowners. This will bear good result.