Door is now open for women to actively participate in decision making: Nagaland Pradesh Mahila Cong

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 25 (MExN): The Nagaland Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee (NPMCC) has welcomed the Women Reservation Bill which was recently passed in both house of the parliament. 

A press release issued by NPMCC president, N Lucy said women must avail the opportunities with gratitude and fill the reserved seats, if not in the open seats.

Stating that women reservation has a long history, the NPMCC recalled that during UPA in 2010, women reservation was passed in the Rajya Sabha as 108 Constitution amendments. However, it could not be passed in the Lok Sabha due to opposition from BJP and some other parties.

While expressing gratitude to Sonia Gandhi for her commitment and undying efforts, the NPMCC highlighted that with the passing of the Bill, 20 seats will be reserved for women in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly from next election while the remaining 40 seats will be open. 

It assured that Congress women will fill at least 20 seats if not more for the state Assembly and also the 33% in ULB elections.

Asserting that the door is now open for women to actively participate in the process of decision making and law making, the NPMCC has appealed to women of all ages to join Congress. It also stated that the Committee will organize trainings to enable members to become legislators.