Mon Dist Health Mission holds emergency meeting

Emergency meeting held at Mon DC conference hall on September 22. (DIPR Photo)

Emergency meeting held at Mon DC conference hall on September 22. (DIPR Photo)

Mon, September 25 (MExN): The District Health Mission, under the leadership of DC Mon, Ajit Kumar Verma IAS convened a critical quarterly and emergency meeting at the DC Conference Hall on September 22 last. The meeting brought together members from the H&FW department, civil societies, and other stakeholders, stated a DIPR report.

DC Mon welcomed the committee members to the meeting, “which marked the first gathering after the COVID-19 outbreak in the district.” In his introductory remarks, DC Mon stressed that the responsibility for addressing health issues extends beyond the H&FW Department alone, involving various other departments as well. He emphasised the urgency of taking the current health situation in the state seriously and implementing effective preventive measures against diseases like dengue.

During the meeting, it was decided that there would be weekly mass social work and sanitation efforts every Saturday, recognising social work as one of the most effective measures against the disease.

The Society also agreed to create short video clips in local languages or nagamese to raise awareness among the public in the district. Videos were considered the fastest and easiest way to disseminate information in today's world, particularly to reach the general public, who require a significant level of awareness.

Furthermore, it was stressed that patients and attendants should take precautions, including wearing full sleeves and long pants. Emphasis was placed on the importance of individual and collective responsibility for maintaining clean surroundings, with the understanding that real social work is essential.