More condemns Sept 8 rape incident

Peren, September 25 (MExN): The Hinglakpechame (Clan) Poilwa village, Peren has condemned the alleged “rape and attempt to murder” on September 8 at Ngwalwa village. Hinglakpechame Poilwa village, Peren in a press release said that “the perpetrator of this horrific crime should hold no place in a civilized society and as an exemplary for the coming generations, justice delivered should be the hardest and most severe punishment to discourage such violence in the near future.” It further urged upon the law enforcing agency to deliver justice at the earliest. 

The Poimi Students’ Union (PSU) has also expressed shock over the incident and expressed its angst. “Such act of barbarism should be condemned by every right thinking citizen and should not be tolerated and there should not be any justification in defense whatsoever,” the union stated while urging the law enforcing agencies to award the highest befitting punishment to the culprit.