MTLT writes to Governor for removal of Mokokchung DC

Mokokchung, March 28 (MExN): The Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjem (MTLT) has urged the Governor of Nagaland State to “initiate necessary action” against the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Mokokchung district.  

In a letter to PB Acharya, the Governor of Nagaland State, the MTLT stated that the Telongjem as well as other “concerned citizens” have “totally lost trust” in the Mokokchung DC for his “failure to discharge his duties as the administrative head of the district” and requested the “removal” of the DC “at the earliest for the greater interest of the Mokokchung town society.”  

In a list of allegations, the MTLT found the first fault in the DC’s handling of the Mid Day Meal Scheme’s rice issue that the Telongjem discovered in March 2016.  

“In March 2016, the Deputy Commissioner, as the chairman of the District Level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committee, failed to seriously tackle the Midday Meal (MDM) rice issue at Mokokchung which put the lives of thousands of students at stake. The MDM rice for the students was found to be spoilt, unhealthy and infested with worms,” stated the MTLT.   The MTLT had highlighted the issue to the DC through a petition and through the mass media on March 9, 2016. “However, instead of taking urgent measures, the DC tried to daunt the concerned citizens by citing CrPc 1973,” alleged the organisation in the letter from its President, Imkummeren Jamir and Convenor of its Public Grievances Cell, Aolong Imchen. Though the DC had not named any organisation, the MTLT found it “evident through his order,” which was issued a day after MTLT visited the schools and highlighted the issue, “that it was directed against the MTLT.”  

The MTLT maintained that the DC has not just hurt the sentiments of Mokokchung’s citizens but also that he has “no concern for the lives of the school students.”  

In its second allegation, the MTLT noted that the DC had advertised a number of LDA, Dobashi and Driver posts lying vacant under the Mokokchung District administration last year. The interviews for the said posts were reportedly scheduled to be held in the middle of 2015.  

However, the interviews are said to have been postponed and not conducted till date. The MTLT registered concern in the delay of the interviews, which, it stated, has “destroyed the hopes of the deserving applicants and made the concerned citizens lose their confidence” in the DC.  

The third point the MTLT raised was with regard to the 2015 August-September power failure in Mokokchung town. “In 2015, when the whole Mokokchung town was reeling under darkness for more than a month (August – September), the Mokokchung DC failed to take the issue seriously. The DC, in this case, asserted the MTLT, “failed to understand the destitution of the citizens and to take into account the commercial losses and other similar implications.”  

In its fourth argument for the removal of the DC, the MTLT observed that the Rs 750-crore NEC-funded Interstate Bus Terminus (ISBT), Mokokchung, constructed under Central funding, is “still not functional even after a lapse of 5 years since its inauguration on August 1, 2011.”  

The MTLT stated that it had impressed upon the district administration to make the ISBT functional several times. However, it remains a “phantom facility” due to lack of its intended utilisation.

CrPC statement was meant for general public awareness: Mkg DC

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Sushil Kumar Patel, on being contacted, maintained that the March 10 press statement issued by him on the provisions of CrPC 1973 had nothing to do with the MTLT visitation to different government schools on matters related to the Midday Meal (MDM) rice issue.  

The provisions states that only police can search a place (Private or government properties) with prior search warrant and that searches made by any individual, groups, NGOs etc. is not authorized as per law and such searches are “deemed illegal and ultra-vires.”  

“The press statement was meant for general public awareness and has nothing to do with the MTLT and the MDM rice issue,” Patel said.  

On the issue of non conduct of interview for the job advertisement under Mokokchung District administration on 2015, Patel stated that the Nagaland State Government had put a hold on the job interview after certain NGOs submitted a representation through him. Patel said the matter now remain under the purview of the State government.  

The DC also informed that he has directed the nodal department to shift the existing NST bus station located at Police Point, Mokokchung to the NEC-funded Interstate Bus Terminus (ISBT). He said the procedure of shifting the terminus was the lookout of the nodal department- NST, adding, he can only supervise.